3 Reasons Why You Should Try Mobile Betting

For a sports enthusiast, there’s nothing more exciting than watching live sports. Well, there is one thing, it’s betting on the sports they like to watch. In this time of online casinos, mobile betting is a must-try. You must have tried many online casinos until now from your PC. Now, let your mobile help you. If you too are a fan of anonymous betting, then you definitely know what we’re talking about.

Ever since smartphones were invented, bettors had the option to bet on their phone, instead of going to the local bookmaker. Now, most of the experienced bettors and a large portion of younger ones don’t like placing their bets by using a phone. They like the whole experience of going to the bookies and getting a paper ticket.

Mobile Betting

When the first online offices appeared, for many regulars of land-based bookmakers, this was an opening and a new opportunity to place bets. Many people have appreciated the convenience and comfort of the websites. But time passed, gaining impetuosity, the Internet developed, users became more advanced. 

Bookmakers needed to provide them with even more modern technological innovations. This is how mobile betting appeared, which allowed bettors to do what they love, not only without leaving their room, but also from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Betting
Mobile betting

Today, betting from a phone or tablet is a common activity for most bookmaker clients. Accessibility, compactness (the whole world of sports in your pocket), the right set of betting tools – this makes the applications incredibly popular. Mobile betting from any device is now not a luxury, but a necessity.

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Betting On Your Phone (Instead Of Going To The Local Bookmaker)

However, betting on your phone does have a few benefits. Let’s see what they are. Here are the 3 reasons why you should consider placing bets on your phone.

You Can Do It In Real-Time

If you ask sports bettors what is the best invention in this niche, they’ll probably say it’s live betting. This feature allows you to bet on the clubs or athletes you are watching in real-time and better your chances of winning money. However, you can only do this via a computer or your phone.

Of course, it’s much simpler and easier to do it on your phone, because then you don’t have to leave your bed or your comfortable chair. If you like to spend your weekends being a couch potato and watching football, then this way of betting is the right thing for you.

It Keeps You Safe In This Uncertain Time

It doesn’t matter how old or fit you are, COVID-19 poses a threat to your health and you have to protect yourself any way you can. Going to the local bookies might be risky today, therefore, you can simply stay in the safety of your home and bet by using your phone.

You Don’t Have To Wait In Line

We talked about the experience of going to the bookmaker and getting the paper ticket. It’s perfectly understandable why people love it. They get the chance to see some old friends, meet new people, and have a few laughs with fellow sports enthusiasts.

However, choosing to go to the bookies means that you will have to wait in line to place your bets, especially if you go on a weekend. Placing a bet via your phone will save you a lot of precious time and nerves. It’s definitely worth trying.

Advantages of mobile betting

Everything is very simple here. Of course, it is most convenient to work on the Internet using a personal computer or laptop. Wide large screen, a comfortable keyboard, fast mouse.

But let’s look at this situation. You have an unforeseen situation and you are late for a match that you have been waiting for for a very long time. And at the same time, they wanted to place a bet because, by their convictions, they were confident in the outcome of the game. 

How to be? In such a situation, your mobile phone will help you, which, of course, should be with such an opportunity as access to the Internet. It may not be as convenient as at the computer, but this is a way out of this situation. Always try to achieve your goals by any means!

I would also like to consider the following important points of mobile betting:

Mobile betting is just perfect for placing live bets. Since you have the opportunity to place bets directly during a sporting event from anywhere in the world. That provides you with 15-20 seconds ahead of the broadcast. And it also happens that the event that you want to place a bet is not broadcasted at all.

Never choose small bookmakers that have not proven themselves positively. Because most of the cheating happens in live mode. At the same time, small bookmakers can stretch the time when accepting a live bet, and you miss your small-time advantage. Play only with trusted reputable bookmakers.

And, of course, always remember that when working with applications, wireless Internet quickly depletes your device’s battery.

Mobile betting has become a big boon for bookmakers. With their help, the offices have ceased to be “tied” to the teaching staff and computers. Now they accompany the player everywhere, though a reasonable question arises: how useful is it for the player?

Variants of mobile betting

  • Mobile application for a smartphone.
    The player downloads the application to his phone and then uses it to place bets. Most bookmakers focus on the Android operating system, followed by iOs. But the owners of smartphones with the Windows Phone operating system will have to try to find a bookmaker with a suitable mobile application. 
  • Java application.
    Many older phones support Java applications, which some bookmakers have adapted for betting. 
  • Bets from a mobile browser.
    If desired, the player can open the main version of the bookmaker’s website via the phone and the main version of the bookmaker’s website, but usually for these purposes, the bookmakers have a mobile resource that will allow them to quickly place bets. 

Advantages of mobile betting

Disadvantages of mobile betting
  • The ability to place bets anywhere.
    It is difficult to find reasonable reasons for betting on the road or while in line, but they will come in handy at the stadium. Not a single video broadcast goes live, despite the fact that we are convinced of this. There is always a delay of a few seconds, and at the stadium you instantly get the information you need about the game.
  • Saving time.
    Calculate how long it will take you to turn on your computer, open a browser, find a bookmaker’s website in your bookmarks , view a line and place a bet? Whatever one may say, but through the phone the bet will take you less time.
  • Traffic economics.
    In recent years, the cost of the Internet has dropped significantly, so this factor is unlikely to be decisive for anyone. However, this is also a plus for mobile rates.

Disadvantages of mobile betting

  • It’s hard to do the analysis.
    Still, the information necessary for analysis can be found through a computer much faster than through a mobile phone. 
  • Functional flaw.
    Some mobile sites are not inferior in capabilities to the main resources of offices, but still most of them are underdeveloped. For example, many mobile sites do not even allow account transactions.
  • It’s hard to tune in to work.
    If you are trying to get income from rates, then you need to adjust accordingly. Only in the movies can you make money using your mobile phone while lying on the couch, but in real life you need to create the necessary working environment for which you will need a computer anyway.
  • Excitement.
    This is more of a gambler’s disadvantage than mobile betting, but still worth noting. For example, if you place bets through a computer and start losing, then you can always turn it off and go to the cinema to relax and get distracted, but this will not work with mobile bets.


Mobile betting is rapidly taking over the market. There are fewer and fewer players who have never done them. It’s hard to say whether it’s worth following the lead of the bookmaker or placing bets in the old ways. Probably, professional bettors already know that mobile bets will not be able to bring them money, and ordinary players do not really care where to lose. Therefore, if you are playing for fun, then feel free to download the office’s mobile application, but if we are talking about the desire to make money, then mobile betting is definitely not for you.

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