Mistakes to avoid when buying an adventure bike

Buying an adventure motorcycle can be a huge task that requires a lot of research. A lot of newcomers come with the idea that all ADV bikes are the same, but those with experience know that that’s so far away from the truth. Choosing the right bike is like choosing the right right life partner, it may make or break your journey. Luckily, we’re here to help you find the right ride for the adventure you’ve been craving for. And instead of giving you advice on which bike to buy, we’re going to talk about certain mistakes that must be avoided when buying an adventure bike.

  1. Not being sure

An adventure bike is a huge commitment that requires a lot of work and interest. Don’t just buy an ADV motorcycle because it looks cool in the movies and television shows out there. These shows often cut away the parts that can get rough. Uneven terrains, problems with the hardware, bad weather, long tiring roads and much more. All of these are the sacrifices you have to make to get the best experience out of it. When you’re ready to go through all of this just for the love of the journey, is when you are ready to buy a proper adventure motorcycle.

  1. Getting a new one or a used one

There are pros and cons to both of these options, let’s go through them carefully.

When buying a new bike, you can rely on the functionality of it even though it can be a bit pricey. A lot of people have a fixed budget to buy a motorcycle and overspending may not be an option for many.

When buying a used bike however, you don’t usually spend a lot but there might be some functionality issues that come with it. But if you’re lucky, the previous owner might have done some really nice upgrades to the bike that you will enjoy.

  1. Getting the wrong fit.

When you’re fixated on a bike, it may get difficult to see the problems with it. But it’s always a good idea to take some time to get the right feel of the bike. Figure out your needs first, do you want a bike for the city, for the rocky mountains or some other terrain. The one thing that matters the most when it comes to motorcycling is the actual comfort when you ride it. See if you like a lower seat or a higher one. Treat your motorcycle like an outfit, a well-tailored one will go a long way rather than just getting something that’s temporarily trending.

  1. Spending too much

As mentioned earlier, when you are actually bent upon buying a certain bike, not many things can steer you away from it. But it’s absolutely essential to stay practical when it comes to these things. Figure out the right, comfortable budget for yourself and start planning accordingly.

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If the bike you want doesn’t fit in your budget, it makes more sense to wait for a while and save up the money rather than spending excessive amounts and being uncomfortable in other aspects of your life. Always remember, riding should not feel like a burden to you, ever.

  1. Not getting the right accessories

Accessories are add ons that make your journey exponentially better, and we would be remiss if we didn’t plug in our high-quality, highly durable and trustable accessories. Get all the upgrades and necessary accessories from ADV Tribe and rest assured that your journey is going to be comfortable and fun!

These were some of the mistakes one must avoid while purchasing an adventure motorcycle. At the end of the day, we ride because we love the road and a good adventure bike helps you appreciate the journey better. We hope that this helps in making the right decision for you. For more, keep checking our blog page.

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