An Overview of Micro Soldering Process

The Micro-coil manufacturing process requires the winding of ultra-fine wire. However, in the winding process, manufacturers require to join two wires of similar or dissimilar diameters. Here, we will give you an overview of micro soldering process.

There are some traditional methods for joining two wires such as the welding and soldering method. In the welding method, two wires are melt together and the wires get joined after cooling. On the other hand, in the soldering method, manufacturers apply a metal with a lower melting point and that joins two wires. However, these methods are becoming invalid in the modern-day due to several constraints.

In the modern day, when the demand for micro-coils is increasing, the use of ultra-fine wires has become essential due to the size constraints. Now, ultra-fine wires can be 5-10 times thinner than a human hair that means near about 9 microns in thickness. Traditional welding and soldering method can not overcome the constraints that the ultra-fine wire introduces. Therefore, we can not use the traditional methods for joining two ultra-fine wires. On the other hand, the use of ultra-fine wires has become essential to manufacture state-of-the-art positioning and miro-motion control systems.

Miniature Coils For Biomedical Sensors


The joining of ultra-fine wires introduces several challenges such as physical and environmental factors that affect the expected size of the coils. The winding of ultra-fine wires should take care of the size of the coil. Ultra-strict tolerance requirements are also significant challenges, otherwise, the wires can reach the breaking point. Traditional soldering and welding methods can not provide a solution to overcome these challenges.

Drawbacks of Traditional Methods and Introduction to Micro Soldering

Traditional methods suffer from several drawbacks such as

  • Inaccurate heat spread can cause the destruction of the wires,
  • The wires and their surrounding areas can be oxidized,
  • We can not sufficiently rely on the connection due to degradation and physical strains.
Micro Coil for Micro Soldering

In order to deal with the modern challenges and to overcome the issues that the traditional methods were facing, manufacturers have developed an innovative micro soldering method to join ultra-fine wires. This method is thermal-compression bonding technology that allows manufacturers to join ultra-fine wires of similar and different diameters and materials. Using this method, one can effectively join an ultra-fine wire with another twelve times thicker ultra-fine wire. The joining is also possible for different materials.

Thermal-Compression Bonding Connection

Thermal compression bonding technology is effective for several connections such as i) tiny copper thermocouples and ultra-fine wires, ii) In the case of connecting two metals in micro-coils, iii) micro-coils and a support system through metal plated terminals.

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This technology is effective to provide molecular connections with strain-free, corrosion-free, and high reliability. Compared to the traditional methods, this technology helps to lessen manufacturing costs. This technology is effective in different environments. Besides providing mass production functionality, this technology meets the high standard requirements of the medical field.

When the devices need to have a long-live such as in the case of permanent implants, thermal-compression bonding is the ultimate solution. This technology is useful in several applications such as active implants, therapeutic applications, diagnostic, orthopedic and dental treatment, navigation and orientation sensors, etc.

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