Michael Giannulis Deals With Hospital Tips To Follow While Visiting the Same During COVID 19

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Maybe you have your near one admitted in a COVID hospital but for other treatments. He might have gone through a surgery or suffered from a cardiac arrest. During visiting hours, you thought of paying him a visit. Well, even if your patient or you are free from COVID at that time, there is no saying that you won’t get infected easily. As per professionals like Michael Giannulis, you have to be very careful these days while visiting a hospital, especially if that medical institution has a COVID ward for the infected patients.

Most of these hospitals will have their COVID ward further away from the other sections. If it’s one building, then the COVID ward will be right at the top floor and people won’t be allowed to visit that spot. IF there are multiple wings to the hospital, then the management team will dedicate a separate wing for the COVID patient, which is further away from the other sectors. Still, it is up to you to take care of yourself and follow the safety measures while visiting a hospital.

Have to maintain social distancing at any cost as per Michael Giannulis:

Whenever you are planning to visit a hospital, the first precautionary measure to follow is to maintain social distancing and safety for yourself.

Mike Giannulis asks you not to queue up:

Before you step out from your place, be sure that you have one appointment ready with your doctor. This step will actually prevent you from queuing up.

  • Mike Giannulis will suggest you to call up the hospitals beforehand to check if there are any ways available to book an appointment online or over phone. During this pandemic scenario, most hospitals will offer you such facilities.
  • It is mandatory for you to wear a mask all the time and carry one alcohol-based sanitizer. It is always better to wear gloves and carry around wet wipes just to be safe.
  • It is also quite a clever idea to carry your own water bottle and avoid the public water cooler as much as possible. You should not touch any of those public spots to avoid catching up germs.

Welcoming patients all over:

Previously, hospitals were pretty strict while making plans to invite non-COVID patients from entering their realms. However, things have slowed down a bit now and medical facilities have started welcoming other non-COVID and surgical patients. Doctors are even taking all the precautionary measures to open their personal clinics again. Even though these measures are slowly going back to normalcy, it is still better to think twice before visiting a hospital’s premise. Infected cases are on the rise and traveling anywhere according to your will is not safe anymore.

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