Master the Art of Streaming With 5 Easy Tips

Do you remember the times when it was so easy to find what to watch on the TV? You just turn it on, switch between a couple of channels, and you will definitely find something worth your attention. However, if you miss a movie, you might not be able to watch it again for a while. After streaming services came into play, there were a couple of big platforms where you could find almost any movie or tv series and watch it whenever you wanted. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are still dominating the market, but so many other platforms are available now as well. How should you choose the right one for you?

What is a streaming platform?

More movies and TV series are going out right now every week than ever. It seems that almost every major network launched a streaming service. It is easy to get overwhelmed by their number and to find it challenging to choose one. Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO are just the most popular paid streaming services. But what is streaming, and how does it work?

Streaming is the ability to watch any media content on your computer, mobile device, or TV via the internet. It could be movies, TV shows, videos, webcasts, and it could be live or recorded. The difference with traditional downloading is that the media files are not stored indefinitely on your device. They are transmitted in sequential packets of data and are deleted once you play them. This is why you are dependent on a good internet connection to be able to stream content.

Master the Art of Streaming
Master the Art of Streaming

And this is the service that streaming platforms are offering. By using any platform like that, you can watch on-demand content. Those service providers are becoming more and more popular because of the increase in demand and content. Especially in Corona’s time, many people found their way to forget about the difficult situation by watching Amazon Prime, for example.

Whether streaming on your computer, phone, or TV, you can choose from various platforms. Choosing the right one might not be easy. Keep reading for 5 helpful tips on the topic.

Streaming made easy with 5 tips

There can’t be something like “the best streaming service,” but a couple of factors can help you find the best one for you.

  1. Check what type of content the platform is offering  — If you love a particular kind of content, you should most definitely consider this while choosing the right streaming service. Check if the platform you have in mind offers a variety of movies and shows in your favorite genre. But don’t forget to check how often they are releasing new titles in this category. Yes, most platforms have only a 30 day commitment period, and you can easily cancel your subscription. Still, you don’t want to be hooked even for 30 days to a service that is not offering you new content regularly.
  1. The price  — This is one of the significant factors each person thinks about when choosing any service. The prices of streaming services vary. Some offer different types of subscriptions based on the period for which you are subscribing, the number of devices you can watch at the same time, the quality, etc. If you can find all the content you need on one platform, this would be perfect but almost impossible. This is why having a couple of subscriptions can become quite pricey. A solution would be to use free movie streaming sites or share your account with friends and family.
  1. Can you share your account  — As mentioned, sharing your account with other people might help you explore more streaming platforms because you can split the monthly subscription fees. Of course, you can just share your username and password with your close ones, but watching at the same time will be impossible. For example, each Netflix profile can be used to stream on only one device at a time. Arranging your watching schedules is something that you can avoid by taking a higher plan with more profiles and sharing the costs with the other users.
  1. Is the entire content available in your country — The majority of platforms are not offering the same range in each country. This might limit some people quite a lot. Of course, the English content is generally more or less available in most countries. However, if you reside in Germany and want to watch an Italian soap opera, this might not be possible. Using a VPN to access more content is always an option. Still, check from the beginning what content you will be able to access from your location.
  1. Is it offering a free trial — Having a free trial is a great way to see if a streaming platform will fit you. Free trials are a common practice, but they might vary in terms of how long they are and whether you have access to all functionalities and content. Streaming services understand that the X amount of days they will give you to check their services won’t be enough to watch the enormous amount of content available, but you might watch just enough to come back for more and, this time, pay for it.
  1. A bonus tip — you can download the content. Indeed, this is not exactly what you would use a streaming platform for. By definition, they are meant to watch content online. However, if you can download and store some content on your device, it can be beneficial during a long flight or for a vacation in a place without a connection.

Wrapping Up

Streaming is here to stay, and we all love it. Having the possibility to watch a never-ending amount of titles on any device is a sure way to keep yourself entertained. The number of streaming platforms to choose from guarantees that you will find the right one for you. Follow our tips, and you will find a service that will offer you the content you want with a subscription you like. Enjoy watching!

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