5 Reasons Why Marijuana is the Best Beauty Product

You’ve heard that marijuana is the best thing to use for pain relief. It’s great for lowering anxiety symptoms. It even adds flavor to your cooking.

But did you know that cannabis is also a beauty product?

The more we get to study this natural plant, the more clearly we see what it can do. And its advantages go well beyond the mental “high” marijuana has always been linked with in the past.

5 Reasons Why Marijuana is the Best Beauty Product

Now, research has shown that one of the best beauty products you can use is marijuana. You can ingest the plant directly or find products infused with cannabis.

One thing is for sure—these five reasons will convince you that you have to add marijuana to your beauty regime.

Cannabis is Good for Weight Loss

The stereotypical marijuana user always has the ‘munchies.’ But it’s the THC compound in cannabis that increases appetite.

The weight loss part is due to the compounds in the plant that decrease appetites, such as CBD and THC. These also help to regulate your blood sugar, which balances your metabolism.

To get the benefits of weight loss with your cannabis, look for non-THC strains or keep healthy munchies on hand instead of junk food.

Cannabis Helps You Sleep

Look at any expert beauty tips, and you’ll see “get more sleep” as one of the top recommendations. However, with tens of millions of people suffering from sleep disorders, it’s also one of the hardest.

People pay big bucks for a “miracle” product because they can’t sleep. Insomnia is a serious problem, but marijuana could be the cure.

Medical marijuana is prescribed by physicians for people who suffer from sleep deprivation. The compounds restore the body’s natural homeostasis, including your sleep cycle.

Overall, cannabis promotes relaxation and helps you get more restful sleep. And sleep is the most beneficial beauty regime when it comes to reducing under eye circles and other signs of aging.

CBD is Good For Your Skin

Inflammation can cause problems in our bodies that are annoying, like acne, or chronic and painful, like arthritis.

But CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. With regular use, it reduces puffiness in your skin, decreases swelling, and improves discomfort and body aches.

If you are concerned about wrinkles, avoid smoking cannabis. Any regular inhale/exhale motions can create fine lines around your mouth. Breathing in the smoke constricts your blood vessels, which reduces oxygen to the skin.

Cannabis itself is an excellent beauty product. However, to get the full benefits, it’s best to find an alternative to smoking your marijuana.

CBD skincare products are on the market today. These are aimed at reducing acne and fighting the signs of aging. Most of these products use the antioxidants in CBD to fight free radicals. The anti-inflammatory compounds smooth out your skin and reduce wrinkles.

Lotions and creams benefit the outer layer of the skin, of course. They can also be used to reduce pain from nerve damage. To learn more about how CBD creams can fix nerve pain and damage, read this article from Veriheal.

Marijuana Helps You Get a Better Workout

Unlike the ‘couch potato’ stereotype, using cannabis strategically can boost your workout. You feel and look better when you’re exercising regularly.

The reason behind this statement is that marijuana helps to reduce the pain that would normally cause you to stop working out. Your muscles are more relaxed, which helps you recover faster. You’re calmer, so you’re not as anxious or tense during your workout.

Pre-exercise use of marijuana is an excellent way to push for a better workout that day. And using it after your session reduces the time it takes your muscles to recover.

Cannabis is a Stress Reliever

A common reason for early signs of aging is stress. When you’re under daily pressure, the effects show up in the body visibly. Wrinkles, sagging, and puffy skin are common indicators that you’re dealing with too much.

Sure, you could stress eat. Ice cream, chocolate, and donuts are amazingly good at helping you forget your problems. But they’re also exceedingly bad for your skin, calorie-laden, and unhealthy.

Instead of turning to food or other bad habits to relieve your stress, why not use cannabis? It’s much healthier, especially in edible and topical forms.

Even better, if you learn how to bake with cannabis, you can stress eat your baked goods and get the benefits of CBD at the same time. As long as you’re cooking healthily, it’s a win/win.


The search for the perfect beauty product has been going on for centuries. While cannabis may not be the actual Fountain of Youth, it does have a lot of similarities.

The ways it helps your body feel and look better make marijuana quite possibly the best beauty product ever!

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