Semitrucks are very large and heavy vehicles that provide our country with an important service. Without the truckers who operate these rigs, good couldn’t move about the country. Many people recognize the importance of the trucking industry, but they might not really appreciate the risks that come with these 18-wheelers being on the roadways.

When a semitruck slams into a passenger vehicle, the occupants of that vehicle can suffer grave injuries. Smaller passenger vehicles simply aren’t made to withstand the weight and size of a semitruck. It’s up to truckers and trucking companies to make safety a priority so that the risks of these crashes are minimized.

Causes of Semitruck Crashes

There are many things that can lead to semitruck crashes. Some are the fault of the trucker, but others don’t have anything to do with the trucker. If you’re injured in a semitruck wreck, determining the cause can help you to determine who to hold liable for the damages you suffered.

  • Trucker actions: The operator of the rig may be liable for the crash if they were driving recklessly or speeding. Being distracted, fatigued, or impaired can also lead to a crash with an innocent person.
  • Trucking company policies: Trucking companies often have very tight delivery deadlines, which may force a trucker to drive longer hours or faster than what’s safe. When this is the case, you may turn to the trucking company for compensation for the crash.
  • Improper load securement: All cargo on a semitruck has to be secured properly so it doesn’t come off the rig. Even if the cargo remains on the rig, there’s a chance that it might cause the semitruck to become unstable and uncontrollable.
  • Lax maintenance: Semitruck upkeep is important to ensure the rig is safe. Think about how unsafe it is if the brakes don’t work or the trailer comes off the hitch. Truckers are sometimes responsible for this, but it may also fall on the maintenance technician or company.
  • Failed components: When components on a semitruck fail, serious accidents can occur. Wrecks caused by this factor are sometimes product liability claims, so work closely with a lawyer who’s familiar with these cases.

Seek Compensation After a Semitruck Crash

Trucking companies often have considerable resources compared to an individual. If you were injured in a semitruck crash, working with a semi accident attorney in Woodbury can help you to ensure that your personal injury claim is handled properly. While it might be tempting to try to fight the trucking company yourself, it’s a much better option to have someone familiar with these cases who can find every point that shows why the trucking company should compensate you for the financial damages you’re dealing with because of the crash.