Mango Alphonso = Mango King: Wondering Why It’s The Top Favourite?

Which is the most popular seasonal fruit? Or which is the most popular fruit available throughout the year? There is only one specific thing that answers both is ‘Mango’. Mango has been the king of fruits since ancient times. But here is something more to add. This divine fruit has its Alpha. Of course, here I meant to say Alphonso Mango is the king of the mangoes clan.

Have you ever investigated the mango demand? You will find Alphonso Mango at the top of the list of favourites. This entire article is all about Mango Alphonso = Mango King stories, histories, and so on. Keep reading and you’ll be surprised.

What Is Mango Alphonso? Mango King Genuinely Define

Who doesn’t love to taste mango? Good quality mango tastes very delicious. There are different species of mango. Mango has a special status in the fruit category as it is addressed as the king of fruits. Its species is Mangifera and the scientific name by ICBN is Mangifera indica.

All species are rich in taste, aroma, and popularity. However, compared among all the species and terms of global popularity, Alphonso mango has the best features. Which made everyone say that  Mango Alphonso = Mango King.

Mango Alphonso = Mango King
Mango Alphonso = Mango King

 To all fruit lovers, mango is far ahead of any other fruit. And each of these species is unique in its way. Mango Alphonso= Mango King defines the best of the best qualities. Alphonso mangoes are holding the topmost priority to mango lovers.

The Origin Of Alphonso Mangoes

Alphonso mango is a very popular exotic fruit. Demand for Indian Mango Alphonso has grown significantly as a result of its alluring taste. At present Alphonso mango is found in any country of the world but its origin is India. Indian Mango Alphonso is more preferable to mango-lovers than any other mango.

Alphonso mango of Maharashtra is especially portrayed as Mango Alphonso = Mango King.  4 cumulative authentic species are cultivated in Ratnagiri and Devgad in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Alphonso is one of the best of the mentioned regions of India in terms of taste, colour, smell and quality. Alphonso from other regions is not as attractive as Alonso from that region.

The Way Mango Alphonso = Mango King Is Named

As mentioned earlier, mango Alphonso is a product cultivated in Maharashtra, India. This is a unique seasonal fruit only produced in India. But the name Alphonso was not named based on any native name.

Mango Alphonso = Mango King got its variety name after the name of a Portuguese military figure. His name was Alphonso de Albuquerque. Albuquerque, who assisted Portugal to establish a colony in Goa, India at 15th Century

Albuquerque and his associates grafted large quantities of mango plants to produce fibre-less Alphonso mangoes in Goa. Which was cultivated almost all over India. But the authentic variety of the original Alphonso mango was found only in Maharashtra. Especially in Devgad and Ratnagiri.

Alphonso Mango Varieties

There are four most popular forms of this mango.

  1. Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango
  2.  Devgad Alphonso Mango
  3. Betki Alphonso Mango
  4. Hapus mango
Alphonso Mango Varieties
Alphonso Mango Varieties

Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango

Alphonso mango is sweet and fiber-less in taste. Golden yellow colour to see. Dark green in the raw state. Each mango weighs 200 to 300 grams.

The speciality of Ratnagiri Alphonso is the production technology of this mango. Which has been made in such a way that the mangoes are suitable enough for eating by slicing

Ratnagiri mango orchard is recognized as the place of origin of pure Alphonso mango. Which is located in Maharashtra, India.

Devgad Alphonso Mango

Devgad Alphonso Mango is an excellent combination of sweet tangi and unique taste. This delicious Alphonso mango is produced in a part of the Devgad district. Alphonsus are yellow and Some others are saffron in colour.

Cities like Malvan, Vengurla and Vijaydurg in the Devgad taluka area are notable as the production area of ​​Alphonso. It’s the world-famous king of fruits, which is more delicious than others.

Betki Alphonso Mango

Which is a smaller version of the small mango in size, It is called Betki. Butki’s pronoun is Betki. Among the Alphonso mangoes of the same tree, the ones that are ripe but come in small sizes are Betki Alphonso.

These are smaller in size than the others, but the best in taste. Each ‘Betki’ Alphonso mango varies from a minimum of 60 g to 120 g. The mangoes of this variety are residents of both the devgad and Ratnagiri districts.

Hapus mango

Hapus Alphonso is found in both Devgad and Ratnagiri districts. These  Alphonso mangoes grow in the Konkan coastal region of Maharashtra. And have succulent flesh with an amazing yellow hue.

Hapus mango with a GI certificate is one of the most expensive in the world market. Hapus Alphonso is considered one of the world-famous exporters also.

Mango Alphonso = Mango King: Wondering Why It's The Top Favourite?
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Alphonso mango price is on the higher side but due to its nutrition and taste, the price is worth it. Comparatively the price of alphonso mango Pakistan is less than that of alphonso mango USA. Alphonso mango season is March – July. This is another reason behind high price.

Benefits And Nutrition Facts Of Alphonso Mango

Mango is a very nutritious fruit.  In terms of nutrition, mangos have no comparison with other fruits. Mango is a very preferable fruit in the list of fruits for children, old women and sick people. Let’s know about mango Alphonso nutrition value and other beneficial properties.

Alphonso Mango Is A Source Of Vitamins

Alphonso is regarded as an excellent source of nutrient agents. As a fruit Alphonso mango is rich in the following ingredients,

  • Antioxidants
  • vitamin-A
  • vitamin-E
  • vitamin-B5
  • vitamin- K
  • vitamin-B6
  • and flavonoids such as
  • alpha-carotene
  • beta-carotene
  •  beta-cryptoxanthin.

Every 100 grams of Alphonso contains 1082 IU of vitamin A. You know, it

  • Protects the eyes from night blindness
  • Reduces the risk of breast cancer
  • Decrease the risk of colon cancer
  • Increases immunity
  • Maintains good bone health

Vitamin B5

  • Gives energetic energy
  • Strengthens nervous system
  • Reduces weight loss
  • Malnutrition issue

100 g of Alphonso Mango contains 119 mcg of Vitamin B6. Which helps to

  • reduce depression
  • Mood problems
  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s
  • Eliminates nausea during pregnancy

Alphonso mango contains 36.4 mg of vitamin C per 100 g. Which helps

  • Physical growth development,
  • Body tissue repair
  • Iron absorption in the body
  • Disease prevention management
  • Heals and maintains cartilage and the bone system

Mango is a good source of vitamin E and folate. Vitamin E helps to increase our immunity level.

per 100 g Alphonso mango contains 4.2 mcg of vitamin K. Which helps to increase immunity.

Benefits And Nutrition Facts Of Alphonso Mango
Benefits And Nutrition Facts Of Alphonso Mango

Fibres And Minerals

The daily diet requires dietary fibre and plenty of water. Alphonso mango is rich in water, various digestive enzymes, and dietary fibre. Also, it is rich in magnesium and potassium. Contains copper and folate. Those nutrients are very important during the pregnancy period.

100 g of alphonso mango contains 0.5 g of dietary fibre. All these nutrients strengthen the digestive system and help in digestion problems. These nutrients help to overcome constipation, diarrhoea, dehydration, and nervous weakness. The nutritional value of mango helps in making fat-soluble protein.

Alphonso Mango In Calorie Judgment

Alphonso mango contains about 22.5 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

Alphonso mango is very sweet, but it is significantly lower in calories.

It is world-famous for its sweetness. Compared to its sweetness and health, it gives the recipient a sudden increase in sugar-rush energy.

Calculations show that about one-third of ripe mangoes contain fructose and half the sugar contains sucrose. The remaining sugar is dextrose. Although Alphonso mango provides a variety of sugars, it does not have a bad effect on the body.

Alphonso Mango As GI Product

Alphonso Mango is famous for its authentic taste and quality mango cultivated by special places in India. That is why it is declared as a Geographical Indication product from Maharashtra. Farmer’s have maintained Alphonso’s characteristics by cultivating pens.

The phenotypic plasticity of Alphonso mango gives rise to different varieties. But its unique taste can be obtained only by cultivating in certain areas. Alphonso Mango is being sold in the world market as a GI  product. To get organic Mango Alphonso = Mango King, you must collect products with a GI logo.

Alphonso Mango Is Famous

You should give it a try to  Alphonso Mango before checking out the reasons behind its popularity. It is said that even George W Bush was fascinated by the delicious taste of Indian Alphonso mango. In addition, the Alphonso trade carries a very warm relationship in the culinary diplomacy between India and the United States.

Since Alphonso mango won its Geographical Indication tag its popularity has gone far ahead than any other mango. People from home and abroad usually love to have Alphonso as their breakfast, tiffin, lunch, and desserts also. Alphonso is famous for its unique cultivating method. They can be produced only through grafting.

You can order mango Alphonso online. This variety of mango has huge popularity on the internet as well as in the marketplace.  You can search by its name or by its origin. You can also investigate mango Alphonso reviews over the internet.

Mango Alphonso = Mango King Marketing And Market Price

Alphonso mango is sold more than any other mango in the world market. It is widely exported abroad for its quality and taste. Alphonso Mango has its markets worldwide. The United Kingdom, United States, European countries, Gulf states, Korea and Japan are the biggest marketplace for Alphonso mango.

In terms of price, Alphonso mango is more expensive than other mangoes. It’s not just for taste. Alphonso mango cultivation methods and yield costs are blamed for the high prices.

The process of cultivating Alphonso mango is from Mango Alphonso plant pens. Moreover, its cultivation method and maintenance requires a great deal of labour and care. A special note to mention, Alphonso mango trees have to wait two years for the next fruit collection after harvesting in one fruiting season.

 It’s essential to require adequate care during pre-harvest and fruit-bearing periods. Which, if interrupted, may result in a change in the quality and taste characteristics of mango.

Alphonso mangoes are sold in dozens in the general domestic market. And sold in pounds in the international market when it’s exported. The price of this mango abroad is a little higher than the price in the domestic market. Alphonso mangoes are sold at an average of Rs 600 to Rs 800 per dozen in the local markets of India. Mango Alphonso price fluctuates.

Alphonso mango is not just a fruit. The various by-products made by Alphonso Mango are extremely tasty and also popular. Such as Mango Alphonso Ice Cream, Mango Alphonso Fruit Juice, Fruit Pudding, and many more unknown names.

Frequently Asked Questions On Alphonso Mango

Where is the best place to buy Alphonso mango online?

Flipkart, Amazon are the best online platforms for Alphonso. And their customer policy is also very convincing. These sites are the best-trusted place for buying authentic Indian Alphonso mangoes.

Which Alphonso is better: Ratnagiri or Devgad?

That’s a tough one! Both are the best. If you take my personal opinion, I will vote Ratnagiri as a better option.

How to store Alphonso mangoes at home?

Simply store the mango on the kitchen shelf or Keep it in a newspaper bag. You can store these ripe mangoes in wooden boxes also.

Is it ok to store Alphonso in the fridge?

Nope, bad idea. Alphonso is a very tasty mango. Its main flavour remains in its moisturized flesh. Don’t let the fridge suck its tasty flavour.


Alphonso Mango is famous for its wonderful taste and beautiful colours. This mango is so spectacular in its vibrant yellow saffron colour combination that you can’t resist having it. Its sweet taste is pulpy juicy moisturized that melts in the mouth. Mango Alphonso = Mango King for its extraordinary taste.

Another extraordinary feature of the Alphonso mango is that it does not contain fiber. Due to the presence of fibre in other common mangoes, it is not easy to cut them into pieces. But this Alphonso mango is famous for slicing very easily.

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