Make Lunch Break Matter: Everything You Need to Do

You have at least thirty minutes for your lunch break. Sometimes, it might even be as long as two hours. For regular employees, it’s usually an hour, and during this time, you have complete freedom to do whatever it is you need to do.

Eating is, of course, included, but while you’re doing that, there are a few other things you can squeeze into your lunch hour. Here are some of them:

Catching up on a podcast or TV series

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If you’re a fan of a podcast or TV series that runs less than thirty minutes, they are the perfect companion when you’re having lunch. This also means you’re getting some time to relax and unwind on your break. Let the episode run its course while you’re preparing your food, or while you’re sitting down to eat. And make sure you’re not at your desk when you’re eating.

Do your midday skincare

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There’s never a bad time to do skincare, and if you’re one of those late-risers who wake up to their alarm a few minutes before their shift starts, you probably have no time to do your skincare before you get to work. This makes lunch time the perfect time to catch up on your K-beauty regimen, especially the sheet mask part. This will also refresh you for the rest of the afternoon at work.

Do minor cleaning up

If you have accumulated dirty dishes from making breakfast and you haven’t had the time to tackle them before work, lunch is the perfect time to do so. This will take that nagging thought of dirty dishes out of your mind, making it easy for you to focus on work for the rest of your workday.

Call your parents

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Or anyone you want to catch up with, for that matter. After your shift ends, you might feel exhausted or busy with dinner preparations that you don’t have the time to catch up. Calling someone at lunch is also a good way to limit the length of the conversation. You have enough time to talk about what matters, and rather than it going into awkward small talk, you can promptly say you need to get back to work to end the call.

Take a power nap

If you already prepared your lunch beforehand, the actual eating part of lunch can take half of your rest hour, which means you have the other half to take a power nap. A good 25-minute nap can help recharge your brain so that you come back to work with a more clear mind and enough energy to go through the tough tasks.

List your priorities for the afternoon

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Some people like to plan the entire day, while others prefer planning the morning before preparing for the afternoon just as it starts. Take the end of your lunch hour as a way to prepare for the remaining work hours ahead. Write everything that needs to be done, so that you can prioritize and have enough time to finish the important ones, delegate the rest, and assign the others for the next day. Taking a break is just as important as other parts of work. Make the most of your lunch break so that you will not feel like all you do is work.

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