With the advancement in technology, owners equip most of the households with innovative and useful accessories. These accessories not only help to provide a neoteric outlook but makes everyday life more comfortable. People often spend a considerable amount of their savings on gearing up the interiors, but usually, ignore bathroom spaces. Like the rest of the house, it is essential to keep functional areas like bathrooms, modern and trendy. For a cosy and comfortable bathroom, buying accessories like shower curtains, bathmats, and heated towel rails online is cost-effective and budget-friendly.

Heated towel rails that one could only find in hotels are now gaining popularity in modern households. It adds up a luxurious finish to the bathroom and maintains warmth. The ladder-like structure of towel rails holds the towels and heats them. Steel, stainless steel or sometimes aluminium are materials usually used to make towel warmers.

Heated towel rails are of different types; Electric, liquid-filled and hydronic rails. Electrically heated towel rails use the existing electric circuit to heat up instead of depending on the central heating. They work by insulating the rails when the towels are on it. The rails covered by the towel absorbs the heat and warms the fabric.

Liquid filled rails and hydronic rails work differently. The former, previously filled with an anti-corrosion fluid, when connected to electricity, it heats the liquid inside. In contrast, hydronic rails work by plumbing hot water into the rails. Both can keep the rooms warm as well. The average temperature of towel warmers ranges somewhere in between 45-55 degrees.

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Perks of Having Heated Towel Rails

  • Bathroom spaces are usually wet and cold. Installing heated towel rails can tackle this issue by functioning as both room and towel warmers. It keeps the bathroom warm and comfortable and maintains the wet areas dry.
  • They provide a luxurious outlook to the bathroom with its eye-catching and straightforward design. Towel rails come in various sizes and styles since designer towel rails are gaining popularity. One can buy these heated towel rails online, and traditional towel rails are also readily available.
  • Though towel warmers have their benefits, customers are concerned about the increased electricity usage. To your surprise, heated towel rails function with minimal energy! By installing a timer along with the warmer, it works efficiently by using less energy. The timer automatically turns on and off the towel warmer according to the convenience of the user. They induce less energy compared to radiators and distribute heat evenly.
  • Wet clothes can also be dried using towel warmers! Instead of using appliances like radiators which consume more electricity, towel warmers can perform both the functions alone by being extremely energy efficient.
  • Keeping the bathroom dry helps drive the unpleasant smell away. It increases the overall hygiene and keeps the space clean and tidy. Dry areas of the bathroom also minimise the spread of germs.
  • Towel warmers also preserve water. Unlike radiators, towel warmers use less amount of water to heat up. Since one dries towels after every use, there is no need to wash them often, reducing water use.

Heated towel rails help to maintain a comfortable and stress-free environment in the bathroom. Warms towels reduce the stress levels and provide a relaxed state of mind. Thus, one can create a spa-like environment within the house.

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