Factors to Consider When Looking for an Employment Agency

When you are looking for staff, you are faced with many challenges, with the biggest being time. The recruitment process is not easy because you have to write a job description of the vacancy, make posters and advertise. Many job seekers apply by sending their resumes, meaning you have to go through them to find the right candidate. This process can be time-consuming and exhausting. However, what about using an employment agency in North York?

Using a recruitment agency to carry out the process for you will help. Most companies hire job agencies in North York to do the recruiting from scratch. They will make the posters, advertise the position, interview the job seekers, and present a candidate suitable for the post. There are many recruitment agencies, and these tips will help you choose the best employment agency in North York that will help you get jobs in North York. Take a look.

Factors to Consider When Looking for an Employment Agency
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  1. Understand Your Company Requirements

The first thing to do before looking for an employment agency in North York is to know what your company wants. What kind of employees are you looking for? And what type of positions will they occupy? If you are hiring for sales you want to use a recruiting specialist in that field such as Culver sales recruiters.

  1. Do Your Research

Research helps you know many things about a company that you would not have known by asking them. First, look for the agency’s website and scroll down to the review section. Check what their clients have said about them. Check how they respond to negative comments and if they are willing to help if there is a problem. Check also their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Ask your friends and colleagues who have worked with the employment agency North York what their experience was. If not, you can directly contact one of the clients and ask questions.

  1. Ask Questions

Ask anything you would like to know about the employment agency North York. Questions like if they have ready candidates for your position and how long it will take them to recruit and bring a candidate. Also, ask them the criteria they use for prescreening the candidates and how they interview them.

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  1. Find Out How Long They Have Been In Operation

The number of years they have operated is their years of experience, and nothing beats experience. The more years of experience, the more skilled the company is and the better the candidates they are likely to recruit. However, don’t fail to look at their staff’s expertise. Remember, you will be majorly working with the team and not the entire company. Also, ensure this company has expertise in the area you are looking to get an employee.

  1. Know What You Need

You must set out your job goals before checking those job agencies in North York. Knowing what you are looking for helps you when you are looking for a recruiting agency. For example, if you are looking for a temporary employee, you will contact job agencies in North York that deal with temporary employees. If you have a specific field you want a candidate to fill, you can visit companies that are experts in that particular field.

  1. Honesty Is Important

While engaging the agency, check on how honest they are. One of the ways to know about their honesty is knowing if they are open about their client testimonial, the people they have worked with, and simple information like the company’s name. An agency that is hiding that information from you should not be trusted. You can also search the company on the internet and find out if they are honest about the information they give you.

  1. Know Their Recruitment Process

Ask the agency how they prescreen their candidates. This will help you know if the candidates are most suitable or chosen with an unserious process. Consider a recruiting agency that holds face-to-face interviews to screen the candidates or those who do video calls. Also, ensure the company’s internal process matches yours to make the process easier. By so doing, you avoid any problems that might arise during the start process.

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