Looking for A Real-deal Body Armor?

Look no more, then. Just read this article and learn something about the best of the best stab-proof vest and body armor products available on the market today. It won’t take much of your time now, however, this might actually help to save your life one day in the future…

Concealed armored t-shirts

A thing unthinkable some time ago, now it is an incredibly popular protection used by security services all over the world. A t-shirt. But not an ordinary t-shirt, oh no. It allows you to wear top-notch ballistic body armor panels that are incredibly light and comfortable in use. What’s more important, this bulletproof t-shirt can be successfully hidden under another level of clothing, so that a person wearing it can blend in with the crowd not attracting any notice whatsoever.

The t-shirt itself is just a carrier, mind you. It is made of modern fabrics with reinforcements that provide stability for the armor plate they’re supposed to carry. And to be honest, these plates are the real marvel in this set. The craft of ballistic protection systems has changed significantly throughout the years. As a result, the best body armor plates are made of durable and lightweight composite materials, which are easy to carry AND provide protection from multiple hits of level IIIA rounds: .357 SIG And .44 Magnum.

The comfort of use is just stunning!

The weight of these armor t-shirt sets is as insane, as their ballistic values. Depending on size, a single set can weigh something about 1.00 lbs. which is nothing, really. That gives you agility and comfort very hard to imagine not so long time ago when armor plates had to be large and heavy. That is no longer the case in the body armor business, and sophisticated concealable t-shirts are here to prove it.

How about a stab-proof vest?

Protection from bullets is not always a concern. A good stab proof vest can be your new best friend since even t-shirts reinforced with body armor plates won’t save you from a knife. However surprising that might be, these are the facts. What’s more, firearm threats are quite common nowadays, but a knife attack is something that can happen almost everywhere, and it is much easier to smuggle that kind of weapon rather than a gun. Especially in times of powerful ceramics that are not detectable by a standard metal scanner.

A security guard in the private sector, police officers, and prison employees – all are in the need a real-deal stab proof vest and there’s not much room to avoid this. A knife or even a piece of glass can become lethal in the hands of a skillful opponent.