Logistics App Development

Think of getting a customized logistics app but not sure your business can afford it? Read to learn what’s the price of logistics app development and what factors influence the final cost.

Logistics App Development Cost

According to the Transparency Market Research report, the global logistics market is expected to reach a value of $15,273.21 bn by 2027. These numbers picture the future of logistics app development in a positive light.

Having a scalable logistics app gets your business an added advantage over competitors. The mobile-dependant users of today would appreciate the possibility to order transportation services online and keep an eye on fleet or shipment in real-time. Wondering about the cost of the development of your own rich-featured logistics app? The average price can range anywhere between $20-$40 thousand and even reach as high as $100.000. The final cost relates to many factors and here are a few of them.

Backend and Frontend Development

Backend and Frontend Development

The final cost of your logistics app will depend on the choice of app design, tools, frameworks, and technologies. You can go monolithic or microservices. The difference between them is that monolithic is built as one invisible unit with one large codebase. Microservices break one large unit into a few smaller independent units. Every unit carries out every application process as a separate service. The cost of microservices is higher but it’s worth it. Microservices are more efficacious in providing highly scalable logistics app solutions.

Number Of Added Features

The more features you add, the more expensive the final product gets. There are three panels that must be in a logistics app. These are the user panel, driver panel, and admin panel. User panel that contains such features as tracking shipment, access to history, scheduling&managing booking, etc.

Driver panel contains consignment details, navigation, delivery mark, and more. What about the admin panel, it contains a dashboard, vehicle/fleet management, drivers monitoring, MS features, etc. Apart from basic functionality, you may add multilingual chat support and in-app chat.

The Choice Of a Tech Staff

Apart from the expertise and experience of developers, it’s also the programming language that gravely impacts the final cost of a logistics app. Logistics app development using such languages as Swift, Gallang, and R is quite expensive. Nevertheless, they guarantee a smoother app development process by providing more libraries and frameworks.

Platform: IOS or Android

Platform_ IOS or Android

The choice you make would fall either on iOS or Android. Building an app for Android devices generally costs more related to the amount of fragmentation Android is subjected to. The third option available now is the development of a cross-platform logistics app. Your application will run flawlessly on both devices. Besides, this is a more cost-effective option than developing an app for both platforms.

Location Of a Company

The location of a development company plays a pivotal role in defining the final cost of a logistics app. It’s a well-known fact that hourly rates of companies from the East are lower than those of Western vendors. For instance, logistics app development company RexSoft is a US-based vendor that works with Ukrainian developers, so you can expect the final price to be reduced by up to 50%. IT outstaffing is one of the greatest ways to get a high-quality product for a reasonable cost.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Logistics App Development

As we learn from the previous paragraph, one of the best ways to reduce the cost of logistics app development is turning to IT outstaffing.

IT outstaffing is a popular business solution that involves hiring remote dedicated gems from a third-party provider. In this model, you get professionals that work on your project while a vendor company takes care of salary, taxes, insurance, sick leaves, and etc.

These are a few grave proofs of how IT outstaffing can reduce the cost of logistics app development.

Recruitment And Onboarding Expenses

No need to spend on recruiting and hiring new staff. Get highly-trained gems on a pay-per-project basis. Scale up or scale down in case you need more or less workforce.

Office Facilities

Getting new staff is impossible without providing them with all the necessary for productive work. The IT outstaffing model empowers IT outstaffing company to take care that developers are provided with all the facilities they need.

More Efficient Process

Delegating logistics app development to outstaffing programmers lets you focus on more important tasks. This is how your in-house team is able to continue to perform core responsibilities and thus your company generates higher revenue.

Logistics App Development Company Rexsoft

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