Locum Tenens: What to Know Before Accepting an Assignment

If you’re considering switching to locum tenens work, then you’re likely to have many questions. It is especially true for those who are about to take on their first assignments. After all, the lifestyle is vastly different from a more traditional career in medicine. As the saying goes, preparation prevents poor performance. And if you want to maximize all the benefits that come with being a locum practitioner from a reputable recruiting company like https://mascmedical.com, you’ll want to have as much information as you can get before you accept any contracts. In this article, we’ll talk about everything you should know before taking on an assignment.

Locum Tenens

What are you looking for from the chosen assignment?

Before coordinating with your recruiter, you must first determine your goals for the chosen assignment. For instance, if you need more personal time, you’ll have to ask yourself the income you require. And for those whose desire is to travel, ascertaining what locations you want to go to will allow you to make the most out of the experience. Another thing you must consider is the timeframe. Working in locums might be temporary, but there are likely to be long-term assignments available. So be sure to think carefully about your objectives so that you can line up the assignments with your professional and personal goals.

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What will be your practice’s scope?

Most locum tenens workers will have to undergo an interview process conducted by the manager or doctor from the healthcare facility or practice. This moment is the ideal time to inquire about your expected duties and the practice’s scope as a medical practitioner. Procedures and workflows that may be considered standard for certain specialties could vary depending on factors like location, after all. For this reason, it makes sense to research any mandates and regulations before starting your assignment to ensure that you remain compliant. 

Who will take care of your accommodations and travel expenses?

In most cases, the locum tenens company will cover housing, travel expenses, rental cars, and other essentials. However, the terms of the contract may differ depending on the assignment. Also, if you need bigger accommodations for any family members who may be traveling with you, you’ll have to shoulder the costs yourself. So it’s best to understand what you’ll need and who will cover everything beforehand.

Locum Tenens

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Does the job include malpractice and health insurance?

Anyone working in locums is considered a 1099 employee or independent contractor. It means that many staffing firms don’t provide health insurance, nor do they withhold taxes. Therefore, you’ll need to get health insurance yourself, with malpractice coverage usually included.

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The success of a locum tenens assignment hinges on how prepared you are going in. You’ll be able to tackle the job with minimal problems by establishing clear objectives and goals for yourself, understanding what the scope of the practice will be, knowing who will cover expenses associated with your housing and travels, and checking if you’ll be provided the right coverage you need.

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