Everything you need to know about LED high bay lights

You might be familiar with LED Panel lights and LED bay lights but not with LED high bay lights which are way more technologically advanced. LED high bay lights are widely used in lighting applications around the world. These LED high bays come in a variety of sizes and shapes and most provide a bright light emission and a long life span. There are different specifications associated with LED high bay lights, including beam angle, omnidirectional or arc lamp, and dimmable option.

In this article you will get to know about the specifications, uses, benefits and installation guide about high bay LED lights. These lights are the perfect option for illuminating large spaces. These lights are now widely used in departmental stores, gyms, industries, and auditoriums. However, LED lights are not the only option available for such purposes. There are other lighting options as well which were used before like fluorescent, metal halides, and high-pressure sodium.

LED high bay lights

LED High bay lights vs traditional lightning fixtures

Multiple types of lighting fixtures are used for outdoor and indoor illumination. Some of these lighting fixtures include metal halides, fluorescent and high-pressure sodium lights, etc. But now with the invention of LED lights especially LED high bay lights have replaced these conventional lighting fixtures in the present time. Let’s look at the comparison between LED high bay lights with these traditional lighting fixtures.

Metal Halides vs LED high Bay lights

Metal halide lights are generally used for illumination in warehouses, parking areas, retail stores, etc. This is because they have perfect color rendering skills but on the other hand, it also has a lot of disadvantages. Metal halides show light fluctuations, heat production, energy loss, high maintenance, and high warmup time of up to 15 minutes. Whereas LED high bay lights are more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and can save 60% of your electricity bills.

Fluorescent lights vs LED high bay lights

Fluorescent lighting fixtures are not ideal for illumination purposes in institutions. But they are widely used in industrial applications due to their some useful properties. The installation of fluorescent lights is initially very cost-effective and gives higher lighting efficacy as compared to other conventional lighting fixtures. However, these lights have a relatively shorter life span and are not many consumers friendly. While LED high bay lights are more energy-efficient in terms of energy saving, more consumer-friendly, better quality light, and much more.

High pressure sodium lights vs LED high bay lights

These lighting fixtures are widely used in sport places, factories, wedding events where large spaces are needed to be illuminated. These are chosen because they are very cost-friendly means they have low installation+ maintenance costs and are also very energy efficient. However, they also have big disadvantages such as high heat production and poor light quality. LED high bay lights to have built-in heat dissipation technology and prevent energy loss. That’s why they are preferred over other traditional lighting fixtures.

Lepro 15OW LED high bay lights         

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