Learn About the Technologies Involved in a Fulfillment Company

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Many companies outsource order fulfillment services to reduce overhead costs. The third-party logistics providers implement hardware and software-based automation systems to meet customers’ expectations of instant fulfillment of their purchases.

The underlying idea behind using advanced technologies is to accelerate the fulfillment process, decrease human error, and save e-commerce businesses money. The technologies also help employees in performing their jobs efficiently and effectively. There are various technologies involved in a fulfillment company. 

Automation Technology

The fulfillment companies are under enormous pressure to take advantage of the rapid rise of the e-commerce business. Customer’s requirement for efficient delivery has led to various advances in the fulfillment processes.

The fulfillment companies are using automation technologies to streamline, automate, and improve the fulfillment process. An automation system like a warehouse management system enables fulfillment centers to record and consolidate orders from different sources at once.

It also facilitates fulfillment companies in orchestrating all activities related to the warehousing and distribution process, from inventory management to maximizing workflow efficiencies. Similarly, fulfillment companies also use order management systems for inventory management and filling orders.

Augmented Reality

Sometimes it is challenging to find human resources due to the current labor trends. Due to the lack of skilled and unskilled labor, fulfillment companies have started using augmented reality technologies to improve the speed, skills, and efficiencies of their existing workforce.

The companies require their employees to wear Artificial Intelligence devices such as smart glasses. These devices help the employees to work efficiently and prevent on-site accidents.

For instance, smart glasses are used by shop floor pickers to determine where to place goods in carts. The fulfillment companies also use warehouse drones to take aerial photographs of pickers in action. 

Data Technologies & Artificial Intelligence

Presently, a lot of emphases is being placed on data. As a result, there has been significant improvement in data technology. These technologies have facilitated fulfillment centers collecting valuable data and applying its insights to decision-making processes.

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The fulfillment companies are using logic-based technologies and electronic data interchange to improve the processes. Advancements in data technologies have enabled companies to integrate artificial intelligence in order fulfillment processes.

For instance, fulfillment companies use robotic warehouse systems that are powered by Artificial Intelligence to boost the efficiency of pick and pack operations by eliminating long routes and choosing the shortest routes.


Order fulfillment is a lengthy process that begins from inventory intake and ends at the final delivery of orders to the customers. The fulfillment companies use different types of technologies to make the process of order fulfillment fast and efficient. Using technologies does not mean that human resources are not involved in the fulfillment process.

These technologies are used by the workers so that they can perform their duties timely and efficiently. These technologies are used to bring goods –to-person rather than start wandering around the warehouse looking for the products upon receiving orders.  

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