Leading Disciplines of Australian Institutions

Australia is home to many world-class universities that are exceptionally strong, or even ranked among the best in the world, in one or more subject areas. Here are 9 leading disciplines of different Australian institutions.

Monash University – Pharmacy and Pharmacology

World ranking: No. 1

Ranking in Australia: No. 1

Monash University has long been recognized as having the nation’s top school of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, and is a leader in innovation in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science education.

Monash University’s Master of Pharmacology does not accept international students, only undergraduate or research masters can be considered.

The undergraduate curriculum of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has two directions, one is a pharmacy and the other is pharmaceutical science.

Pharmacy mainly trains students who want to become pharmacists, while pharmaceutical science is for students who want to work in the field of medicine and develop new drugs.

In the field of pharmacology and toxicology, Monash University has the most influential researchers in the world.

Curtin University – Minerals and Mining Engineering

World ranking: No. 2

Ranking in Australia: No. 1

The reason why the mining engineering major is so sought after is mainly that the annual salary of students graduating from this major is high enough, which is also the most attractive point.

Australia is rich in mineral resources and the mining industry is mature. Curtin University’s mining and materials engineering is in a leading position in the world.

Mining engineering is a compound major that has comprehensive requirements for students’ geological knowledge, engineering knowledge and other aspects of knowledge.

In addition to Curtin University, the University of New South Wales (ranked 3 in the world), the University of Queensland (ranked 4 in the world) and the University of Western Australia (ranked 5 in the world) are also among the top in the world in minerals and mining engineering.

The University of Queensland – Physical Education

World ranking: No. 2

Ranking in Australia: No. 1

The sports major of the University of Queensland has always been in the leading position in the world, and it is a veritable sports school.

The physical education major of the University of Queensland is set up to cultivate specialized physical training talents.

Courses offered by the university include social movement history, sports marketing, sports management, health care research, advertising strategy, human resource management, marketing and more.

In addition to the University of Queensland, the University of Sydney (ranked 4 in the world), Deakin University (ranked 6 in the world) and the University of Melbourne (ranked 10 in the world) are also among the top in sports in the world.

Australian National University – Philosophy

World ranking: 3

Ranking in Australia: No. 1

ANU has a wide range of research in philosophy, with strengths in philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, moral and political philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics and European philosophy.

Philosophy graduates can engage in literature, writing or editing; education is also a good choice. Staying in school to become a teacher has a higher social status and good salary; of course, the news and publishing department can also be a good choice.

Australian National University – Anthropology

World ranking: No 6

Ranking in Australia: No. 1

The discipline of anthropology at the Australian National University ranks among the top in recent international assessments. With more than 35 anthropologists, it is one of the world’s top anthropology and research centers.

The Master of Anthropology at ANU brings together scholars’ world-class expertise in Australian, Pacific and Asian anthropology.

The knowledge is broad and covers relevant topics in culture, social medicine, development and other areas of anthropology.

Australian National University – Geography

World ranking: 7th

Ranking in Australia: No. 1

Geology, geography, and geophysics have always been ANU’s trump card majors. The geography major ranks 7th in the world and 1st in Australia, which is enough to prove the quality of this major.

University of Adelaide – Petroleum Engineering

World ranking: No. 10

Ranking in Australia: No. 1

As we all know, the petroleum major has always been a popular direction for many international students to study abroad. Among the many colleges and universities in Australia, the petroleum major of the University of Adelaide is the most outstanding, and it has cultivated a large number of elite talents every year.

Students of this major are very easy to find employment whether they are in Australia or in China. At present, the employment rate of students majoring in petroleum engineering in Australia can reach almost 90%.

RMIT University – Art and Design

World ranking: No. 15

Ranking in Australia: No. 1

RMIT has a complete set of design majors. Whether it is an architectural design and industrial design in science and engineering, visual communication and fashion design in liberal arts, or design in pure artistic creation, you can find it in this god-level palace.

However, RMIT has very high requirements for design majors. In addition to undergraduate grades, it also needs to examine everyone’s understanding of the major they are applying for, and the assessment results come from the work submitted by everyone.

Therefore, everyone must take it seriously and go all out when preparing a portfolio. It is a key to deciding whether to be admitted.

All RMIT professional courses cooperate with top companies in the industry to provide students with practical opportunities and help students develop their networks.

Queensland University of Technology – Communication and Media Studies

World ranking: No. 15

Ranking in Australia: No. 1

There are not many universities in Australia with creative industry colleges. Queensland University of Technology is the largest creative industry college in Australia and the first college in the world to be established in the name of “creative industries”.

It has one of the best creative industry parks in the world and the largest in the Asia-Pacific region. It is also home to Australia’s largest creative industry incubator and state-of-the-art multimedia equipment.

QUT’s media major pays great attention to practice. Students who study media take classes in this creative industry park. The teaching process perfectly combines theory and practice.

Students will be exposed to the latest equipment and software and use the 24-hour digital media research center. Through the study of journalism, digital media and business, students can improve their creative practice ability and increase their employment options.

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