Latest Developments in Diabetes Treatment: Endocrinologist Ratings and Reviews

With the evolution of the world, medical science is also evolving and many new treatments have been discovered for various diseases. Type-2 diabetes is present in more than 400 million people, scientists have found that part of the problem is created by beta cells. Beta cells are present in the pancreas and produce insulin.

It has been found in research that our body makes beta cells within the first few years of our life. But many bodies make more than others. As a result, if they become insulin resistant in life their bodies still have enough beta cells to keep up insulin production. But if they do not have this resistance the beta-cells they have eventually died and ultimately these are persons who result in type 2 diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes 

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects the health of human body. This metabolic disease is a source of high blood sugar which can damage your kidneys, eyes, nerves, and other body organs. In initial stages the symptoms of diabetes can be so light that it becomes hard to sport at first. The general symptom of diabetes encompasses increase thirst, weight loss, blurry vision, increase in hunger, extreme fatigue, frequent urination, and sore that don’t heal. The symptoms of diabetes may vary from person to person.  Women who gain weight during the pregnancy period have more probability to acquire gestational diabetes.

Latest Research to Cure Diabetes

In a field of medicines in depth research is still in progress by medical scientist to treat and prevent the diabetes types. Clinical trials, experimentations, and hypotheses development is performed to overcome heath issues face by diabetic patients. Researchers have found a new artificial pancreas system, drugs that are very helpful in the controlling of blood sugar, and protect kidneys and heart.

Many generic drugs have arrived in the span of just 40 years to treat diabetes patients and doctors are finding new drugs for diabetic patients that can control their blood sugar and blood pressure simultaneously so that the patients who are obese or overweight do not suffer from a heart attack.

Treatment guide with a specialist endocrinologist

As the treatment procedure is evolving, it is essential to have guidelines from an best endocrinologist who can suggest new drugs according to your prevailing condition. And the best way to find one is by just visiting the website DiabetesIQ. Where you can have advice from an expert endocrinologist for free and ask about the new treatment and their information by simply signing up. You will get free diabetes newsletters. Moreover, you can see the ratings of any endocrinologist by typing his/her name in the search bar and read the reviews of people about that specialist.

How to Find Diabetes Doctor?

The easiest way to find an endocrinologist is DiabetesIQ. Where you can search for multiple diabetes specialist by just typing the condition or treatment. You will have details of all the endocrinologists near your location by selecting the distance tab which gives you the location within 1 mile. More importantly, you can just select your state because it has an availability of doctors in every state of America.

Latest Developments in Diabetes Treatment Endocrinologist Ratings and Reviews 1

In a nut shell,

To sum up this article, medical science is making progress day by day, finding new drugs and ways of treating diabetes patients. On the other hand, it is necessary to get checked by endocrinologist to get updated by the new treatment procedures which can prove significant. In order to fight back with this disease it is recommended to find best diabetes specialist by visiting authentic website. The guideline, diet plan, medicines, exercise, and medical consultation provided by certified experienced doctor would really help the patient to cure this disease as soon as possible.

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