5 Great Spots You Can Visit

Camping near the lake is a great opportunity to relax in nature and get away from the routine while enjoying beautiful landscapes and fresh air.

Besides that, such a trip usually includes a large number of various activities that will make your camping even more fun! By setting a camp near the lake you can swim, waterski, boat and just enjoy life.

However, it is also worth considering the specifics of lake camping in order to make all the necessary preparations in advance.

Also, it would be better if you get some useful information such as how to prevent tent condensation since there is always high humidity near water bodies.

Bringing insect repellents and warm clothing is also a good idea as there can be a lot of insects, and the nights close to the lake may get chilly as well.

Once all preparations are made and you are looking forward to starting your trip, let’s take a look at some of the amazing places near the lake that can offer you a truly interesting and exciting camping experience.

Some of these are located in the US, while others are in Canada and Mexico, as it is always a great option when you can combine both camping and traveling.

Lagos de Montebello

Lagos de Montebello is a huge group of lakes (there are 59 of them), located in Mexico in the state of Chiapas.

Lagos de Montebello

Apart from the wonderful scenery that you can enjoy there, Lagos de Montebello is also a culturally rich area. In such a huge area of ​​Montebello, you can find Mayan ruins, and the place itself is a nature reserve.

Another benefit of this group of lakes is the beautiful color of the water, which can vary from bright turquoise to deep blue.

The campsites offered in Lagos de Montebello are well equipped, so here you will get both a great experience and a comfortable stay in nature!

Grundy Lake Park

This one is also a group of lakes, which is located in Canada, Ontario.

Canada is maybe one of the countries with the largest number of beautiful lakes in the world and Grundy Lake Park is among them.

Unlike the world-famous Great Lakes, Grundy Lake Park is a more quiet camping spot, but it has all the necessary amenities and well-developed camping infrastructure.

Grundy Lake Park

You can choose a place for camping at various lakes, and also spend your vacation staying in a tent or in an RV.

Besides that, many places here are easily accessible by car, meanwhile, other locations can be reached by canoe, which would make the trip even more fun, and that is why Grundy Lake Park is one of the spots worth visiting.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is perhaps one of the most famous and wonderful bodies of water in California. Obviously, the scenery that Tahoe offers attracts a fairly large number of people, so it is often crowded here. However, this lake is really worth a visit.

There are many options for campsites in this location, so you can easily find the best area to set up a camp that will be well-suitable for your needs. Camping infrastructure is also well developed at Tahoe Lake.

Lake Tahoe

Here you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, from laying on a beach and splashing in the water, to kayaking, surfing, or pedal boating. Thus, camping in Tahoe will give you a truly wonderful experience and good memories!

Glacier National Park

This national park is located in Montana on the border between the US and Canada.

Camping here provides you with a truly amazing time, as Glacier National Park has both magnificent landscapes and well-developed camping infrastructure, which makes this group of lakes an excellent option for a comfortable, safe, and exciting recreation.

One of the main benefits of Glacier National Park is that this spot is equally wonderful during all seasons.

Here you can enjoy your trip during the warm summer months, be amused by the autumn season with its rich variety of fall foliage, or have a great time in the winter camping.

With over 700 lakes and ponds, Glacier National Park has a wide selection of campsites so you can always find an awesome place to stay and set up a camp.

Berg Lake

The last spot on our list is Berg Lake which is located in Canada, British Columbia. The key thing about this one is that Berg is best suited for those people who like hiking, as it is really difficult to get here.

The only route is the Berg Lake trail, which is 21 kilometers long, so this location is truly for those who are not afraid of challenges!

However, there is a great bonus, while hiking you can admire plenty of breathtaking landscapes, as well as walk through the Valley of a Thousand Falls, which fully deserve its name, as there are really a lot of waterfalls that surround you from all sides.

Berg Lake

It is also worth noting that Berg is a glacial lake, so you will not be able to swim here. But you can get both visual and mental pleasure from staying in such a wonderful place with rich flora and amazing scenery!

Each of these 5 lakes is a great camping spot that will provide you with a unique experience. Some of these are perfect for summer camping, while others are a nice option for the fall or winter seasons.

At the same time, our list not only contains lakes that are located in the USA but also in Canada and Mexico, so everyone can easily choose the place that they like more.

Traveling and discovering something new for yourself is always great, as it allows you to expand your horizons and make life more fulfilling. And recreation near the lake perfectly copes with such tasks.

Also, to make trips even more comfortable and safe, you can find a high-quality hot tent for sale in our catalog, which will provide you with excellent protection from different weather conditions!


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