With all the energy-sapping activities in our daily lives, having a go-to energy booster is a welcome idea. Monitor yourself first to see how much motivation your mind and body need.

Those who are constantly on the run to meet tight deadlines at work need to take proper care of their health. Kratom is a naturally occurring psychoactive plant that is making revolutionary changes in the world of modern medicine.

Its existence in varying strains is a factor to look up to and follow up. Each strain is accountable to our mental and physical wellbeing by enforcing its natural ingredients to the affected parts.

Here are seven Kratom strains that ensure power, energy, and focus.

Maeng Da Kratom

It has a natural ability to create a feeling of calm and focus across the body and mind. There are two types of green maeng da strains; white and green. Each of these differs in their method of operation but still deliver effective results.

For instance, the cheap white dragon kratom strains help keep your mind calm and relaxed yet entirely focused on the tasks at hand. The best part is that this positive effect drags on for hours on end and leaves you feeling accomplished.

On the other hand, the white strain contains alkaloids that look into the energy and focus sectors. It is considered a healthy stimulant that comes in handy when you have reports at work that are due in the next couple of hours.

Kratom For Power, Energy, and Focus

Green Indo Kratom

Its two primary functions revolve around pain relief and boosting energy levels in the body. As much as these are popular in almost every strain, Green Indo stands out due to its minimal potency levels.

Its balanced levels of potency ensure a balance between its primary functions. Most users prefer it due to its mild expressions that don’t leave deep marks on side effects.

Green Indo Kratom has similar strains that perform almost the same functions. Its gentle approach to the problems to which it’s assigned is what makes it unique.

White Borneo Kratom

Its place of origin is Borneo and is widely recognized for its energy-boosting qualities. White Borneo Kratom strain is easily identifiable due to white veins that distinguish it from its counterparts.

What doesn’t come as a surprise is that it also possesses pain-relieving properties. It traces any slight pain that prevents the mind and body from living up to its full potential and alleviates it.

Its energy-boosting properties have made most Kratom fans put their morning coffee on hold. White Borneo is said to give one an energetic start to a busy day with heightened activities.

Kratom For Power, Energy, and Focus: Top 7 Strains

Red Maeng Da

This strain mainly boosts energy and heightens focus by getting rid of any lingering physical pain. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to focus on work and other productive tasks when there is a numbing pain in your body.

Knowing this fully well, Red Maeng Da is formulated to give utmost priority to your work rather than let pain be a deterrent. What’s more, it has unique properties that help in relieving tension.

This is suitable for passionate athletes who end up with tense and sore muscles after their workout sessions—taking Red Maeng Da as a tea before bedtime enhances sleep, which assures you of mental peace.

Unlike regular painkillers, Red Maeng Da has no detrimental side effects that can cause one to lose focus and energy.

White Maeng Da

As seen earlier, White Maeng Da increases one’s ability to focus along with its Green counterpart. It’s the perfect remedy for anyone experiencing the overwhelming effects of fatigue.

To maximize its best properties yet, try taking it in the morning before you leave the house for the activities lined up for you. White Maeng Da keeps you on your toes and fully concentrated on your work for longer hours.

Plan your dosage patterns effectively to avoid sleepless nights and tired mornings. The best way to prevent this is by taking it during the early morning hours to allow ample time to settle in your system.

Top 7 Strains of Kratom

Vietnam Kratom

Green Vietnam is a Kratom strain that originates from Vietnam and has loads of benefits attached to it. You won’t need to take it in high doses for you to experience its energy and power-boosting effects.

Consumers don’t have to worry about the aftermath of a healthy dose of Vietnam Kratom strain. It has no known side effects that may make the user regret taking it in the first place.

To continue enjoying its energy-boosting benefits, ensure that you only stick to the manufacturer’s set of instructions. Be careful not to take more or less than you are required to.

Malay Kratom Strains

Just like its Vietnam counterpart, this Malaysia-bred strain only needs to be administered in lower doses. Anything higher may only lead to dire repercussions. Malay Kratom strains enhance power, energy, and focus by instilling a sense of calmness in the user.

Using it consistently enables you to stay relaxed and calm. This saves up energy for activities that you may deem to be more beneficial and productive. When buying the leaves for consumption, bear in mind that the ones with a bit of red tint are the most effective.

You’ll also come across Malay Kratom strains with spots of white. These are not as effective as their red counterparts and may have you waiting longer to get praiseworthy results.

Kratom For Power, Energy, and Focus: Top 7 Strains


When choosing the best Kratom strains to revamp your power, focus, and energy levels, pay attention to vital factors such as the brand. Buying top brands increases your chances of relishing each of the benefits of the Kratom strains on offer.

Pay attention to credible sources and the vital information they relay regarding your preferred Kratom strain. They will touch mainly on the benefits and side effects.