Kraft Paper Pouch vs Plastic Stand up Pouch

When the supermarket aisles are being browsed, one can easily see how much versatility the custom stand up pouch offers. This is because they are used for different types of products packing ranging from food to house-cleaning products. Their use is increasing day by day due to the flexibility and low cost and appealing design. In this article, the comparison of Kraft paper pouches and plastic stand up pouch is presented.

Kraft Paper:

Kraft paper pouches are made from natural kraft paper which offers remarkable quality to the bags. They contain a laminated interior having a foil lining which extends the life of its shelf. Moreover, these pouches have barrier protection at a maximum level which helps them to tolerate odor, moisture, and UV lights.

Plastic Pouches:

Plastic pouches are a container made of flexible, nonwoven fabric and thin plastic fil. These pouches are used to contain and transport things e.g., magazines, chemicals, waste, and ice, etc. They are known to be the most common packing form. They are sealed with heat at the seams, while some of them are stitched or bonded with adhesives.

Comparison of Both Pouch Types:

Kraft paper pouches have an organic feel, and they contain two layers, one to produce a see-thru window and the innermost layers are for sealing. This gives them a natural look and their behavior is totally environment friendly. Inner layers are for content protection and keep them fresh for a long period of time.

Plastic found lacks an inorganic feel as they are mostly made from petroleum products. This is the reason they are phased out in many countries. They have many environmental hazards as they are indecomposable and produce plastic pollution. Food inside kraft paper pouches is safe. Plastic bags cost less than kraft paper pouches. This is the reason they are used widely for customers and retailers and in supermarkets for grocery purposes. Their durability is also better than kraft paper bags hence they can be preserved for a long time. Their use and handling are easy. Unlike kraft paper pouches, plastic pouches can be reused after rinsing. They can be folded as well as carried in a pocket or purse. They require less energy in manufacturing. Their opening, packing, and coupling is also quicker as compared to kraft paper pouches. They are light weighted and are stronger than Kraft paper pouches. These bags can be used by industries of any type, no matter what their scale is. Plastic bags are used widely in the medical industry due to their non-porous quality which is useful for isolating infection-causing body fluids.

On the other hand, kraft paper pouches also have some advantages over plastic pouches. Kraft paper pouches do not spread environmental pollution as they are decomposable and breakable. Marne life or other animal species has no danger from kraft paper bags. Their burning does not produce toxic fumes in the air as caused by plastic pouches. Plastic bags are prepared from petroleum products, so they are a petroleum wastage also. Their recycling is also easy as compared to plastic pouches. Wildlife is also a threat due to plastic pouches pollution.

Some reports claim that around 5 trillion plastic bags are being used each year. Their production and consumption needed to be controlled by stand up pouch manufacturers and should be replaced with alternatives such as kraft paper pouches. In this article, a comparison of kraft paper pouches and plastic pouches is presented. The advantages and disadvantages of both are highlighted. To conclude, plastic pouches production needs to be controlled as they are dangerous to the environment, marine, wildlife, and other animal species. As they are unbreakable and nondecomposable so a plastic bag cannot be destroyed so kraft paper pouches should be preferred over plastic pouches. 

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