Kortney And Kenny: Two Legend TV Show Presenter of 2021-22

Kortney And Kenny: Two Legend TV Show Presenter of 2021-22

TV reality shows have gotten huge popularity in recent years. Making it Home with Kortney and Dave is a type of reality show in Canada. Together they premiered in the year 2020 on the American and Canadian versions of HGTV.

Kenny Brain

In the second season of the series Ma 2021, Dave Wilson was replaced by Kenny Brain. For this reason, the show was introduced later as Making it Home with Kortney and Kenny.

People around the world who love to see renovations of houses are very interested in them. Let’s hear out some of their unknown facts:

Kenny Brain And His Lifestyle

There are few TV stars who have names and fame through home renovation ideas. Kenny Brain is one of them. He is from Canada. He grew up in the east side province of Canada named Newfoundland.

The most known introduction of him is, he is the co-host of Kortney Wilson in the television show Making it Home with Kortney and Kenny.

This man also participated in Big Brother Canada (2014). It was the second season of the show and he came out from big brother on the 43rd day.

Kenny Brain
Kenny Brain

After participating in Big Brother Canada, he decided to quit his career in modeling. Later he was trained as a construction contractor.

He launched his construction business in Vancouver, British Columbia. When Kortney divorced Dave, he started to work as a co-host in Making it Home season 2.

In his personal life, Kenny is gay. Which he does not regret; rather, he is open about it.

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Later Kenny started to work as a team with Kortney on the television show. Here they work to remodel old houses into very attractive houses.

He is a passionate hiker. Besides, he likes to camp very much. A winner-like feeling surrounds him wherever he goes for any adventure in the outside world.

Kenny’s favorite thing is his pet dog named Molly. From the age of 21, Molly is her best friend. Even whenever he travels, he takes her away everywhere, may it be a mountain, river, beach, sea, etc.

Kenny’s most favorite foods are cheesecake and Pizza. Kenny is a person with humor. He loves to smile. In addition, he says one can find smiles at every stage of their life. He is also a great swimmer too.

He won the third top position for backstroke too. Iceland is the favorite place on Kenny’s priority list. He plans to visit there soon.

Kortney Wilson And Her Lifestyle

Kortney Wilson’s popularity as a TV presenter is limitless. People love this talented woman so much and are very much waiting to know more about her. This well-known TV personality was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on 8 February 1979.

By birth, her name was Kortney Galerno. She is also identified as Kortney Kayle. But she is known as Kortney Wilson in the whole world. Kortney Wilson has joint citizenship in Canada and America.

Kortney Wilson
Kortney Wilson

She is a singer too. From her youth, she was involved with singing. She then worked with the Royal City Musician Production in the city named Guelph.

Not all of her songs were released but some of her songs were a hit production of her. Many say that she also has recorded with her ex-husband Dave Wilson.

In spite of being 42 years old, she is still the favorite person of so many people. She did not let her age grasp her beauty. Even now she is working as a model besides various reality shows. She has also written some popular songs too.

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In her YouTube channel, she regularly uploads her music videos. Kortney has another very important identity, she is a famous businesswoman in the field of real estate.

Later she started to host reality TV shows with Dave Wilson in 2018. Both of them were native Canadians. Around the year 2001, they met and fell in love very quickly. Later in 2005, they got married.

Kortney Wilson and Dave Wilson were married for 18 years. They have three children too. They are Jett Wilson, Sully Wilson, and Lennox was adopted by Kortney. But she declared their separation in 2019.

They used to visit everywhere together at parties or any occasion. They are seen to share a friendly relationship and respect each other very much even after their divorce. After posting the birthday picture of Dave it is proven well.

Kortney Wilson is also a woman. So it is natural for her to be attracted to things that women adore a lot. Her attraction is over heels. You may say that she is simply addicted to them.

Kortney Wilson

In the famous show “Masters Of Flip” she said that it doesn’t matter how tired she is. She can always wear heels at home or outside. Her height is 5 feet 2 inches. So she never thinks of letting her heels go.

It was her honest confession. Her heels give her confidence enough to work relentlessly, may it be her business or in front of the camera.

Is Kortney And Kenny Dating?

No. Bu now we have known that Kenny is gay. So there is no option to ask if Kortney and Kenny married each other? Not at all.

Kortney Wilson and Kenny Brain never dated earlier and they don’t intend to do so in the future. It is the doubt of some people that Kortney is in a relationship with someone.

Is Kortney And Kenny Dating
Kortney And Kenny Dating

Is Kortney Wilson In A Relationship?

How much time will we keep our audience in the dark? Yes, she is. After the divorce between Kortney and Dave, it took two years for her to move on. From her Instagram account, it was disclosed that she is dating a person called Ryan.

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Kenny Brain

There are also many reports about their relationship. But Kortney has not declared anything openly. Although it was seen that she was showing a diamond inscribed ring picture with her and Ryan’s presence. But still, it is not clear whether they are engaged or not.

Kortney And Dave Wilson Back Together 2021

It is true that Kortney and Dave Wilson back together 2021. But it is in their professional field, not personal. We already stated that they share a cordial relationship even after their separation.

So, they have decided to work together again. In January of 2021, they started their Making It Home season 2. It may seem absurd to many people, but some of their fans are still supporting them to work together again.

Making It Home With Kortney And Kenny Emily And Tyler

Making it Home with Kortney and Kenny Emily and Tyler has got another new story. Emily and Tyler, a happily married couple after the birth of their 3rd child, started to feel the importance of more space in their house.

They had a century-aged home in Toronto. The house was a disaster at that time. It needed a lot of remodeling because there were electrical wires everywhere which were extremely dangerous.

Emily and Tyler could not do anything on their own. Ultimately they decided to call Kortney and Kenny along with their team to do something for them. For the renovation, their budget was $192,000.

They also gave a deadline of 7 weeks. Making it home with Kortney and Kenny accomplished the task by converting the house into a very beautiful one. So, Emily and Tyler will be able to live in that house for years without any hesitation.


What Happened To Kortney And Kenny?

Fans may have a question, what’s about Kortney and Kenny what happened to Dave? The shocking fact is, Kortney and Dave suddenly divorced each other in 2020. Their 18 years of married life came to an end. Kenny came in the place of Dave after that.

Who Is Kenny Working With Kortney?

Kenny Brain is a popular figure of television in Canada. He was born on August 26, 1988. He is the co-host of Kortney in the Making it Home TV show.

Is Making It Home With Kortney And Dave Canceled?

Now there is no TV show Making it Home With Kortney and Dave. As they have divorced David left the show. Later Kortney started to work with Kenny as co-host.

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What Happened To Kevin On Masters Of Flip?

Kortney’s brother is a hockey coach. This brother of hers was really good at all those stunts. Kevin really hit the eye of the audience with his presence in some of the episodes. 

Where Is Making It Home With Kortney And Kenny Filmed?

Where is Kortney and Kenny filmed the show Making It Home is a curiosity near the viewers. The Toronto Area was picked to film the show.

Last Thought

House renovation is not something easy to do in a jiffy. People need enough time and planning. Making it home with Kortney and Kenny can make this impossible possible in a very beautiful way.

Although people sometimes try to take them as a couple, they are only so-so with professional bonds.