Know The Latest Processing Time And Requirements For Student Visa 500

Has it always been your dream to study in a country like Australia? If so, then, today’s post is meant for aspirants like you. Thinking how? Well, you simply need to apply for the Student Visa Subclass 500 to turn your dream into a reality. This visa allows you to partake in a substantial course of study In Canada. With this particular visa, you can stay in Australia as long as five years which might vary according to the type of course you’ve chosen. The following write-up will give you a comprehensive understanding about the fundamental criteria and processing time of the student visa 500.

Eligibility criteria of the Student Visa 500!

To apply for the Visa Subclass 500 successfully, there are a number of eligibility conditions which you must satisfy unfailingly. A comprehensive checklist of these eligibility criteria can be considered below.  

Best interests of child

The Department of Home Affairs will grant the student visa 500 only if it is in your best interests. However, this criterion will apply to you if you are below the age of eighteen years.

Absence of a previous visa being refused or canceled!

This is perhaps the most noteworthy criterion comprising the Student Visa 500 Checklist for sure. As per this requirement, you should not have any visa refused or cancelled before while staying inside Australia.

Clearance of debts to the Australian Government!

Do you or any of your eligible as well as ineligible family members owe a couple of outstanding debts to the Australian Government? If yes, then you should have paid them back prior to applying for the student visa 500. If not, then, at least you should have made all the necessary arrangements to pay them back. 

Signature on the values statement of Australia!

This criterion will apply to you only if you are eighteen years or more than that.  If so, then, you will have to sign the values statement of Australia by complying with the following criteria:

  • You should have signed a substantial Australian values statement. It is like a decree that asks you to abide by the stringent legislative protocol as well as imbibe the Australian lifestyle respectfully and 
  • You must have been elucidated about the Life in Australia booklet or at least should have read it by yourself. 

Remember, that signing the Australian values statement comprises an imperative part of the Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions for sure. To get furthermore information about this criterion, you must hire a migration agent in Perth to comply with the requirement successfully. 

Compliance with the health prerequisite!

Both you and your accompanying family members must meet this criterion without a failure. This particular criterion requires you to qualify in a substantial health examination with flying colours. 

Compliance with the character prerequisite!

Both you and your family members who are sixteen years or above must comply with the character requirement imperatively. 

Compliance with the GTE requirement!

As an applicant, you should prove that you are a genuine temporary entrant. You should also prove that you will return to your home country after your studies are over. 

Availability of sufficient funds!

You should have adequate funds to afford your whole stay in Australia. In short, you should be able to run your travel costs, course as well as stay expenses until the time you live in Australia. 

Possession of a substantial visa during onshore application!

 If applying from Australia, you must be the holder of a substantial bridging visa to apply for the same lawfully. 

Health Insurance requirement!

Both you and your eligible family members should be the holder of a substantial health insurance cover. According to this Student Visa 500 criterion, both you and your eligible family members should be the holder of the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This health insurance cover should again be procured from an eligible provider of Australian health insurance. 

Compliance with the English language criterion!

You must prove that you are reasonably competent in English imperatively as one of the essential prerequisites. 

Additional Criteria!

Some of the other criteria of the student subclass 500 require you to participate in an eligible course of study. Other than that, you need to be of a particular age so as to become eligible for the student visa 500. 

A glimpse of the processing time of the Student Visa 500!

The Student Visa 500 Processing Time differs reasonably according to the sector wherein you’ve applied. These variations include the following:

  • Have you applied for the Vocational Education and Training Sector in Australia? Then seventy five percent and ninety percent of applications will be processed within forty three and seventy seven days respectively and
  • If you have applied for the Higher Education Sector, then, the processing time will again be different. In this case, seventy five percent of the applications will be completed within a period of twenty nine days. Besides, ninety percent of the applications will be processed within forty two days. 

The processing time of the student Visa 500 is inclusive of some other sectors too! Some of them include the defense sector, foreign affairs sector and independent ELICOS sector to name just a few. 

Get in touch with an Immigration Agent in Perth!So, do you also wish to study in Australia with the Student visa 500? Then, appoint a migration agent Perth to get an immigration assistance which is second to none. Be rest assured that your migration agent will help you at every step to ensure the most gratifying visa application for you!

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