Things To Consider in a Kitchen Design for a Lovely Experience

A kitchen is a place where you perform a slew of routine tasks. So, you have to keep it functional and beautiful too. While the latter part may not seem urgent, you must realize that any everyday task, such as cooking, eating, hosting, and cleaning, can feel boring and dull if the ambiance is not right. Let’s check out the Things To Consider in a Kitchen Design for a Lovely Experience.

That’s why it is essential to pay attention to its aesthetics also when you revamp this space. Here are suggestions about planning and implementing a few features that can add to your kitchen’s functionality and looks based on your taste. Let’s check them out quickly.


There should be proper space between cabinets and the islands so that you can smoothly walk from one corner to another. Generally, a 36-inch wide path in the kitchen can be adequate. If you are the only person to use the area for cooking, you can keep aisles about 42 inches wide. However, it should be 48 inches in case two people would cook in the same place. So, you should design your kitchen islands and paths carefully. A kitchen splashback is now in trend for kitchens that make your kitchen beautiful so, prefer that.


For optimum efficiency and ease of performance of tasks, you also need to take care of the corners. Your appliances and cabinets should not face any challenge due to their positioning. To be precise, you have to make sure that cabinet doors have sufficient room for opening and they don’t knock each other when opened simultaneously. 


Your choice of the countertop depends on your cooking style. If you are a professional chef, you would most likely prefer a spacious counter from a sink to the range. It may not matter much if you prepare simple meals or are not so frequent. Some people like the idea of having two different heights of countertops in their kitchen. It comes in handy when kids also participate in cooking.

Water arrangement

Filling water in the pots can be one of the most tiring things to do, mostly because of such a job. But you can avoid this by deciding on a kitchen water fixture that looks great and works even better. From hi-tech sensor faucets to bridge faucets with a strong aura about them, you get these and plenty of options in between to choose from for your daily kitchen needs. Please go through all the designs and their highlights patiently to get the best plumbing fixture. 

Kitchen Design

Electrical outlets

Most kitchen designs don’t talk about this essential part. But these functional features warrant special attention. Since it is natural to have multiple electrical appliances, it would be better to incorporate various electrical points in different spots where coffee pot, blender, toaster, and other such countertop appliances will rest. You should get easy access to the source of power. Hence, fix them on the island, backsplash, etc. Besides, you can also build concealed device charging stations in drawers with USB ports and outlets.

Cleaner surfaces

Cleaning can be one of the demanding jobs in any busy kitchen. Therefore, you should try to reduce your effort on this by including the right things. For example, you can think of glossy surfaces that quickly turn dirty compared to a matte finish surface. Any appliance with fewer or no seams, such as an undermount sink, can be more useful because of its flush configuration. Due to the absence of rims, you don’t have to worry about debris getting stuck there.  

Focal point

There should be at least one spot in the kitchen that is the hero; it should draw everyone’s attention immediately. It can be an eye-catchy hood, colorful cabinets, well-designed countertops, attractive flooring, flattering backsplash tile, or something else. As soon as you determine one such area, you must try to build on it with a few quieter yet impressive details.

Knife storage

When you imagine this element, your first thought would be how to store it safely. While it has to be there, you can make its placement a little enjoyable also. You can use a magnetic strip on the backsplash to hang your knives. Make sure you arrange this in a place where you prepare meals. It will allow you to reach out to your knife quickly whenever required while keeping them safely away from your children’s reach.

In this context, you can think about other kitchen essentials also. You can organize snacks and ingredients in the pantry and other storage spaces in a way that you don’t have to struggle to get them. When working on this part, you must also keep the interest of other family members in mind. If there are kids,  it becomes necessary to ensure that they get smooth access to snacks and dishes on shelves.


Assign a cabinet for storing old newspapers and other paper materials along with metal, glass, and plastic items separately. It will help you cut down on the time that goes into sorting waste and recycling products.

Like these, there are endless interior design solutions for kitchens. You can find them in magazines, TV ads, and on the internet. You don’t need to include every suggestion if you don’t feel convinced. However, you can note down any idea that looked inspiring and useful. You can copy or customize them to make them more suitable for your personal needs. So, keep searching for design inspirations until you get the perfect mix of everything. If you extract advice from different sources, you should make sure that they come together to complete your vision. When achieved, you will be the happiest person on this earth then.

Your mundane jobs in the kitchen would suddenly start appearing exciting, or you will develop a new fondness for them. You wouldn’t mind spending even long hours. And your guests can also get impressed by your design endeavors. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot take professional help in this matter. If you are not an interior person, onboarding someone proficient and knowledgeable can always be a valuable decision. Your research would only enable you to discuss your choices with them with profound clarity.

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