4 Tips for Keeping Your Grocery Store Fresh

4 Tips for Keeping Your Grocery Store Fresh -Food safety is one thing; a welcoming store is another. How can you keep your grocery store inviting and appealing? After you have a good offering of foods, you still need to ensure that the building holding those foods isn’t moments from crumbling away

Grocery Store Fresh

Listen to the Creaks

Stay alert for signs of breaking objects. Periodically, replace rickety shelves and get new wheels for carts. You don’t want to hesitate and risk a shelf collapse or cart mishap, followed by a bundle of lawsuits. Some expenses now will save you more in the future. Check entrances to make sure they are handicap accessible, paying special attention to any automatic doors. On a larger scale, listen to any advice offered about foundation damage. Ensure that you have procedures in place to protect the store from weather disasters common in your areas, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Prepare for the unexpected by establishing emergency preparedness plans. If you have something in writing, you can turn to it when you need it. 

Clean is Welcoming

Schedule daily and weekly cleaning for the store. Mark off areas with cones during the day, and determine the best times to clean the facility. Wipe down glass doors and disinfect high-touch surfaces. It’s also wise to clean your conveyor belts regularly and arrange for maintenance as needed. Also, set aside areas where customers can grab disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizers

Grocery Store Fresh


Remove peeling paint and add new coats to keep things neat. Whenever you repaint, use the opportunity to renew your signage. Choose signs that work well with the wall colors and are also clear to read. Present things simply and in a large enough font to accommodate people. Pay special attention to outdoor signs. Replace bending poles and regularly clean the lettering. As people pass by, this might be the thing that draws them to the store. When it is time to update the store logo, also upgrade the sign. 

Specials and Sales

Offer limited-time specials and showcase sales. Use print materials and social media to let people know. Print catalogs and online catalogs might not attract younger customers. Try different approaches. Catchy phrases might draw some customers. Others will find more appeal in bargains that cater to the whole family. Arrange sale items in displays so they stand out. 

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