5 Easy Steps To Keep Your Nails In Good Shape

Browsing through beauty tips online, you tend to come across tons of advice on keeping the skin and hair looking perfectly gorgeous and effortlessly beautiful. But there is seldom any advice for nail care, which is a crucial element of your body. 

Nails, like the skin and hair, also require some special care and pampering. A little bit of nail care in your regimen can give you beautiful and healthy nails that look and feel amazing.

Here we explore five simple tips that can help you maintain your nails in good shape. This way, you are ready to flaunt all the experimental colors and art you like with nails that look bold and dazzling.

Keep Your Nails In Good Shape

Maintain Good Hygiene

Hygiene is the most crucial point to keep in mind to achieve healthy nails. Nails can turn brittle and become a breeding ground for infection without proper maintenance.  Start by regularly clipping and filing your nails. It will keep your nails well-groomed and presentable. Use a sharp clipper or scissor and gently curve while cutting the edges. The curved edges help to reduce the chances of splitting or breakage.

Long nails attract bacteria and dirt that could cause infection. Use a disinfecting solution like tea tree oil and water to reduce the chances of developing one. Be careful with manicure and pedicure tools. Some sharp nail tools can accidentally cut or damage the nail bed. This type of aggressive nail care could increase the chances of infections. Make sure that you sanitize the tools before usage for enhanced safety.

Take extra precautions if you have nail extensions. Stick to trained nail technicians who can perform a good job without damaging your nails. Also, fix any broken nails immediately and visit a dermatologist in case of skin redness, swelling, or peeling near the cuticles.

Work With Nail Colors Wisely

One of the most common misconceptions about nail polish is it can harm your nails. But truth be told, it is the quality of nail polish that determines how it will affect your nails. Most bottles contain acrylic colors filled with harsh chemicals. They use low-quality coloring agents or dyes along with a cocktail of chemicals that increase the chances of dehydration, brittleness, and nail staining. Leaving them on for a prolonged time will cause your nails to lose shine and strength.

Choose a sulfate-free, formaldehyde-free, and paraben-free nail polish set. Explore vegan and cruelty-free options that can add a glamorous touch to your nails without harming them. Apply a base and finish coat using clear nail polish to reduce splitting or chipping. Switch to acetone-free nail polish remover to avoid drying out the nails.

Avoid scraping the nail polish. You will end up peeling a few layers of your nail, leaving it extremely weak. Use the appropriate products and remove the nail paint without any residue for the best results.

Don’t Forget To Moisturize

Moisturization can make all the difference to your nails. But this step is also the most overlooked while caring for your nails. Dry nails turn brittle and prone to breakage and damage. Therefore, providing it with some moisturizing cream can help achieve a beautiful look and a healthy texture. 

Pay attention to your nails while applying hand lotion. Look for moisturizing products for the nails on the market and invest in a premium quality lotion or cream. Apply generously on the nails and cuticles before going to bed. It gives enough time for the product to seep in.

Keep Your Nails In Good Shape

Stop tampering with your cuticles. It is a common practice to remove or push the cuticles back. But they are the protective seal of your nails that helps maintain strength and health. Damaging your cuticles can increase the chance of developing an infection. It could also leave your nail beds injured and influence the strength of the nails.

Protect From Water And Chemicals

Immersing your hands in water hot water for a long time will influence the health of your nails. It can cause them to break easily. Additionally, exposing them to harsh dishwashing soaps and other chemicals can damage the cuticles and nails severely. Always wear protective gloves while washing dishes or scrubbing with harsh chemicals.

Say no to nail growth products. The market offers many nail polish-like liquids that promise nail growth. But in reality, nail growth is a natural process that takes time, and no such products can accelerate the process.

Include Supplements

Nails require a proper balance of nutrients that can support healthy growth. Diet is the primary source of introducing essential nutrients to your body. But receiving the optimum levels of all necessary nutrients might be a burden on just your diet. Therefore, support a balanced meal with nutrient supplements.

Keep Your Nails In Good Shape

Biotin or Vitamin B is vital for nail growth. It is a powerful nutrient that can strengthen the nail beds and nails and also accelerate growth. Including a regular dose of biotin can improve the health of your nails. It is also effective for strengthening nails that are naturally fragile and brittle.


Those were the five effective tips that can help you strengthen your nails and enhance their texture. Make sure to add these steps as a part of your regimen to take good care of your nails. This way, you can experiment with vibrant nail colors and nail arts without damaging them.

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