Keep your Business Green with these Eco-friendly Tips

Sustainability is a trend we can definitely jump on, regardless of what the nature of your business is. More than just a fad, sustainability is more important now than ever, as climate change continues to threaten our planet. We need to take steps to reverse the effects of climate change, including in our business practices.

However, there has long been a disparity between ecology and business, as businesses tend to produce the majority of the waste products found in landfills, and contribute to the most greenhouse gases depending on the nature of the business.

As a manager or owner of your business, taking steps towards green initiatives not only provides your company with sustainable business practices, it also works to save the planet from further danger. We need to leave a world for the future generations, so here are 6 ways you can bring eco-friendly practices to your office:

Use environmentally friendly products

Environmentally friendly products may not be your main product line, but providing green options though packaging, your advertisements, and through your promotional products can greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Use environmentally friendly products

For example, using an aluminum water bottle for your advertisements instead of plastic bottles or print ads can reduce your carbon footprint, as aluminum is one of the most sustainable materials we have. Check out My Own Water for aluminum water bottles you can customize to your branding.

A recycled aluminum bottle takes only 5% of the energy it takes to mine and process new aluminum ore, and since aluminum is accepted by nearly all recycling companies, you won’t have a problem having these recycled. Use aluminum water bottles in your restaurant, or as promotional materials to bring brand awareness to your company!

Minimize energy use

Minimize your energy usage by turning off devices and appliances that are not needed. Avoid leaving devices plugged in through the night, and set the temperature of the office air conditioner to a higher, but still comfortable level if workers feel cold. Print or copy multiple documents at a time to optimize the energy efficiency.

Minimize energy use

For instance, using mugs instead of paper cups for morning coffee reduces the amount of energy needed to constantly create and deliver paper cups to your office. Buying locally-produced materials can lessen your transportation energy by 26%. You can also consult a local green energy provider to learn how to further reduce your footprint at home or at work.

Additionally, minimizing energy use in the office includes getting supplies that have been processed the green way. For instance, using mugs instead of paper cups for morning coffee reduces the amount of energy needed to constantly create and deliver paper cups to your office. Buying locally-produced materials can lessen your transportation energy by 26%.

Upgrade your technology

Technological upgrades are usually met with a considerable amount of capital investment as upgrading takes time, money and effort to achieve. However, you’ll be able to finetune your operations, and optimize your business systems in the long run.

Upgrade your technology

Technological upgrades also saves more time and energy wasted on manual work, and can speed up your processes for a quick completion rate for projects. Some technological advancements can also reduce the electricity and water consumption around the office, and improve the quality of air in the office.

Use practical advertising solutions

Adverts on magazine paper flyers, billboards, and on keychains may provide your brand with adequate visibility, but they’re not optimal methods, and can further contribute to the deterioration of the environment as they make their way into oceans and landfills. Heaven forbid that you advertise your brand on balloons that may end up in whales’ stomachs!

Instead, look for practical solutions and eco-friendly options to advertise. Go for recycled paper memo sheets, digital advertisements, aluminum water bottles instead of plastic ones, or pens made from repurposed plastic fitted with your company logo. Not only will you gain visibility, customers will associate your brand with responsible marketing and consumerism.

Partner with an eco-friendly movement

There are eco-friendly organizations and movements around the world that are more than ready to partner up with companies to make efforts on keeping the environment clean, and promote sustainable living. Partnering with these organizations is part of our corporate environmental responsibility, and can properly guide your office to take the green initiative.

Even B2B companies are getting into the eco-friendly business. B2B businesses that offer sustainable products and services can be reached out to for a partnership, creating an economy that encourages sustainable living.

Go paperless

Go paperless

Going paperless may sound like the most basic way a company can go green, but it is a common practice for a reason. Going paperless reduces up to 50% of regular office waste, and will increase efficiency as it takes less time to do clerical work like looking for documents manually, and printing out documents for recording.

Going paperless reduces the amount of CO2 released when trees are processed into paper. Research shows that only 25% of trees chopped down are used to make paper, with the rest going into waste or other woodworks. Paper also takes twice the amount of energy needed to produce compared to plastic. Going paperless is the smarter and greener option!