Caution! Keep These Common Household Chemicals Away From Your Dog

Keep Household Chemicals Away From Your Dog – Whether you think of your pooch as your best mate or your fur baby, one thing is for sure – responsible pet parents would do anything they could to protect their pet’s health. Regular trips to the vet, high quality nutrition and regular exercise are givens. However, did you know there could be dangers lying around in your home that may cause severe illness or even death?

One of the issues with our canine friends is that they love to chew things they shouldn’t. Who hasn’t had a pair of shoes decimated by their furry friend? Keeping your Jimmy Choos (or should that be Jimmy Chews?) away from your dog is not the only thing you should bear in mind. To a dog, almost any household item can seem like a treat just begging to be shredded.

Household Chemicals

However, a major issue is that many household products in our homes are toxic to our pawsome friends. Ingesting household chemicals is one of the main causes of accidental death in dogs. In this article, we at Pet Lab will give you a rundown of potential threats to your pet’s health.

Pesticides and Insecticides

We have all read about the recent mouse infestation plaguing Australia. Many of us might have stocked up on pesticide to protect our property. Most pesticides and insecticides are irritating for dogs if ingested but not necessarily life threatening, but some contain chemicals which are lethal. Rodenticides also use scent to attract pests, but which might intrigue your dog. Sure-fire signs of poisoning are drooling, vomiting and diarrhoea, and you should seek emergency vet care immediately.

Antifreeze and De-Icer

Likewise, some products such as antifreeze and de-icer (for those of you lucky enough to see the snow!) might smell very attractive to your pup but can cause a severe reaction. Be especially careful when clearing paths using chemical de-icers as these can get on paws and be licked off.

Common Household Cleaning Products

Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so the saying goes, however cleanliness is certainly not be the best for dogliness as many household cleaning products contain harmful chemicals. Detergents, dryer sheets and cleaning products may smell intriguing to Fido but cause him to get crook. So, will we be reduced to living in a house that looks like a dog’s breakfast?

Never Fear, Hope Is At Hand!

There are some excellent pet-friendly cleaning products on the market that offer unparalleled cleaning as well as posing no threat to your pet. We recommend Healthy Habitat ® Disinfectant Spray which combines powerful cleaning ability with safety for humans, pets and the environment. Killing 99.9999% of germs, bacteria and viruses, this product is a go-to solution for your cleaning needs. No need to rinse, just spray and go!

We’ve got the outdoors covered too with PetLab Plus™ Outdoor Cleaner. Ideal for the patio, artificial grass, cleaning the barbie area and most importantly, dog kennels! Pawfect for keeping Casa Woofer pristine! A 300ml bottle can be diluted to make 12 litres of unbeatable outdoor cleaning detergent and is suitable for any outdoor surface. It’s the only product on the market offering deep cleaning, disinfection, and elimination of odours in a single application.

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