What Components Form The IT Infrastructure?

A well-designed infrastructure allows you to increase the efficiency of the company and not waste time on maintenance and management of IT components. Therefore, all fragments of the system that provide data exchange should be selected based on the needs and complexity of the tasks. Our company offers high-quality IT infrastructure design services.

What does IT infrastructure consist of?

IT infrastructure usually includes several types of equipment, network environment and software for interaction between system components. Desktop PCs, laptops must be connected to a single local network to access printers, databases or cloud storage.

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Over the past decade, many services have appeared for the implementation of remote access and teamwork of a group of developers on one project. This technology allows you to achieve exceptional coherence between specialists, which ultimately has a positive effect on solving the assigned tasks. A similar function is performed by the company’s own infrastructure. An interesting topic is the choice of monolith vs microservices.

The layered IT structure includes:

  • Software and applications for data exchange.
  • Mobile and stationary devices connected to the local network.
  • Server and hard drives for data storage.
  • The local network.
  • Equipment for management of IT infrastructure components.
  • Software for working on collaborative projects
  • CRM system for remote information exchange.
  • CSM content management service.
  • Software applications to improve productivity.
  • Microsoft operating systems.
  • Antivirus software and security systems.
  • Cloud platforms.

Infrastructure devices can include many pieces of equipment: laptops, PCs, printers, scanners, modems, servers, routers, hubs. Depending on the goals set, the company determines the quantity and quality of the equipment required to solve the assigned tasks.

Servers and cloud data storages occupy a special place in the IT structure. The latter component for storing and processing data has become the most popular in recent years. Cloud service allows you to save on equipment and use expensive equipment when real needs arise.

Perhaps a cloud storage service is inferior in security compared to its own equipment, but the advantages of the cloud allow not only storing information, but also using many additional tools and options for working on projects.

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With proper integration, all components of the system should work correctly and efficiently. Since the IT environment directly affects the speed and quality of the entire business, in-house service specialists are needed. In most cases, you need to configure remote access, design new connection points, test the security system, and configure software.

In the face of constant threats of unauthorized access, it is important to provide a high-quality security system. The increase in remote access points increases the risk of accidental data leakage, which can ultimately affect the operation of the entire IT infrastructure. Therefore, companies rarely save on anti-virus systems and the number of specialists for service.

The infrastructure configuration is selected depending on the business objectives, but there are also universal solutions for any company. The best option is to combine your own hardware with cloud storage. The cloud allows you to choose a solution for many tasks better than the tools of standard equipment, but the service functions only via the Internet. Whereas a local network can function independently and provide data exchange without the participation of the external environment.

The balance of proprietary hardware and cloud technology is great for companies on a small budget. At the same time, you need to use your servers to store commercial information, and cloud platform equipment can be used for complex computing tasks. Your own servers, network and routers are less vulnerable to the threat of unauthorized access and the risk of data loss is less than that of third-party services.

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