Is Tiling Difficult? A Concise Answer

Do you know tiles reflect the beauty of your homes?

-Yes, it’s true!!

In reality, tiles make your heaven look more elegant and gorgeous!!! This is the very reason why celebrities and other public figures extend their pockets so much to install the best tiles.

Now, it’s pretty natural as the better quality tiles you’ll be having, the more costly it’ll turn out to be!!!

And sometimes, to save this extra cost, many people tile their floors. 

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Now, if you are an expert in this job or know all the tile installation process’s ins and outs, then it’s fine. But if it’s your first time installing tiles, then you should always think accordingly before acting.

The tile installation process might seem easy, but there can be quite a few twists and turns in this procedure in reality.

Therefore, through this article, I’ll tell all the ins and outs of tile installation and why it can prove to be a complicated procedure. ,

Which Sort of Tile Works Are Easy?

To be honest with you laying your tiles on the floor is very easy, but carrying the whole procedure ideally can be a hard nut to crack!!!!

It’s not true that all the installation process is complex. Many projects can be straightforward if you just get a hold of them.

You know you can also save some extra money by hiring professionals as they take less time to finish a project. But as our focus is how you can do-tiling by yourself. So I’ll put the “spotlight” on it through this article.

Try Installing Backsplashes

Installing backsplashes can be an easy job compared to tiling your floors and walls. Therefore, if you are still an amateur in tiling, then you can start with backsplashes.

Tile In Short Ranges

If you want to skip the problematic part, you can start tiling in tiny and small portions. This will help you to grab the knowledge and ideas about tiling.

Putting Adhesive On The Tile Gaps

This is comparatively an easy job, and it will also give you the idea of managing your tiles and having a rough assessment of the sizes and textures.

The Challenging Parts In Tiling

Overall, tiling can be a challenge for most non-professional people. It might seem easy, but to be honest, it’s not at all an easy job.

There many other challenges that you can face while tiling your floors. For instance,

Mixing The Mortar

Dry mortar is cheap, but the problems that you might face are while mixing them. Mixing the mortar can be a very tough job. Although the expensive ones can be a bit easy, the overall procedure of mixing the mortar is a challenge for many!!!

Flat Subfloors Are Necessary For Good Tiling

If your subfloors are not flat enough, it can be a problem in installing your tiles. Good subfloors help in providing a stable and flat surface on the floors. Thus, you can easily install your tiles, and they will look more balanced.

But if your subfloor is not flat, you’ll face a lot of trouble fitting the tiles, and joining the edges can also be a challenge.

Cutting Your Tiles To Shape Is Not A Child’s Game

This procedure won’t give you a second chance!!!

While cutting your tiles, you simply can’t afford to make any mistakes. If you mess up cutting the tile in the correct shape by chance, then the whole slab of tile needs to be replaced.

So in order to cut them perfectly, you need to use either a wet tile saw or a snap tile cutter. But just because you have the right tools doesn’t mean you can carry out the procedure correctly. This will require some practice before you jump on to the ‘main game.”

Moreover, even the perfect tiles don’t fit in straight on the floor. You need to delicately place them on the floor so that they fit in a perfectly straight line.

Diagonal Placement of The Tiles Can Wreck Your Nerves

Trust me, this is one of the most challenging jobs ever, as far as tile installation is concerned.

Laying the tiles at a diagonal is not that easy as it might look. Cutting the tiles diagonally can be very depressing and frustrating at the same time. And it can prove to be hell if you are new in tiling.

Even spacing the tiles correctly can be another tough job on hand. Therefore, I’ll highly recommend using plastic tile spacers as this will help you place the tiles at the correct distance.

Although it’s true enough, it might be challenging to remove the spacers later on, but this pain will give you the perfectly spaced tile installation.

So don’t take the procedure lightly!!!!

3 Common Mistakes People Make While Tiling

We are all humans, and it’s very natural to make mistakes. And as I have already mentioned earlier, tiling is not as easy as you think it might be.

And mistakes are therefore to be made!!!

Here are the few common mistakes that people make while tiling their floors.

Improper Tiles Underlay

If you want your tiles to fit in perfectly, then you must install underlayment correctly.

The best underlayment you can choose is vinyl tile only if these don’t end up getting damaged. If the underlayment is not in good shape, you can’t expect your tiles to fit perfectly.

Bad Grouting

All your hard work can end up in vain if your grouting is terrible. The beauty that your tiles were supposed to give out can demolish due to this. Therefore, clean and clear grouting lines can take the beauty of your tiles to a whole new level.

Don’t Miss The Last Clean Up

After you are done with all the installation procedures and grouting, make sure to give a good clean to your tiles so that those dry grout messes don’t stay fixated on your tiles. Use tile cleaning detergents to clean up the mess.

I hope this article will help you know all the ins and outs of the tiling procedures and their difficulty level.

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