The theme is important when it comes to online slots like Fruit Shop slot because it is like the genre of a movie, in that it helps to market and sell the slot to the gaming public. Themes make slots easier to target at a specific audience, again much like a genre of a movie.

Certain movie genres appeal to a specific age group and more to one sex than the other, and this shapes the advertising campaigns and other marketing specifics. The same strategy can be used to help make a slot game a commercial success. 

Franchise Themed Slots 

Another way of getting a head start up the marketing ladder is by producing a slot that is themed around big successful franchises. The easiest way of accomplishing this is by buying the rights to hit movie franchises and giving them the slot treatment.

Here the theme has already been tried and tested and it has a huge fanbase already attached, and this makes it much easier to market to the public. Therefore, the extra cash spent on securing the rights to certain movies is money well spent on a product that already comes with fans attached. 

Hype and Expectations 

The downside here is that these games are usually released with a lot of hype, and this puts considerable pressure on the slot developers to get the game to meet public expectations. Overall, slot developers get things right because they plow time and money into getting these big franchise-themed slots to be as entertaining and creative as possible.

The results are fun games like The Goonies or dramatic games like Terminator 2. Even TV shows which are now thought to be the new cinema, are well worth investing in. Game of Thrones is one such example of a mega-hit TV series that has also had a slot or two created from it. 

Holiday Slots 

Another very effective theme is slots based on major holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. The risk here is that these games only get spun when the specific holiday they are based on, comes around. If the slot games are red hot, then players may overlook the holiday theme and spin these types of games all year round.

Book of Christmas and Book of Halloween cleverly mix the holiday theme with the book-based slot craze, giving these two games a wider appeal, outside of the holiday seasons they are based on. 

Final Thoughts 

The gambling public now takes slot themes seriously because nearly every slot has a hook that is used as the selling point, and this tends to be the slot theme. The most effective themes are those that are based on a pre-existing franchise because most of the marketing has automatically been completed by the original product. 

It is possible for slots to still succeed even without an attention-grabbing theme, and this is because what is most important to slot game players is quality gaming, which consists of thrilling base games and bonuses that are well worth the wait once they are triggered.


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