Gambling is all about risk-taking, but there is such a thing as controlled gambling. This is when punters stick to budgets, keep their stakes at affordable limits, and bank their winnings regularly.

In an age where the emphasis is on responsible gambling and player safety, it may be a surprise to discover that the gamble feature still exists on slot games that are regularly found at online casinos – click to play online slots today.

This feature is the ultimate in risky gambling behavior because it allows players to bet all the money they have won on a particular slot, on a simple flip of a card. All punters must do, is to guess whether the card facing down is red or black. If the guess is right, then players double their money, if the guess is wrong then they lose everything. 

Who Is Most Likely to Use the Gamble Feature? 

Gamblers are notorious risk-takers and thrill-seekers, but this does not mean that all gamblers employ the gamble feature when they spin the slot reels. High rollers are the most likely to use this feature as they can afford to lose large sums of money.

Since these individuals stake so high, the temptation of doubling large sums of cash on a playing card face can be too intense to resist. 

Those gamblers that play for the adrenaline rush and all the other thrills gambling offers are also more likely to regularly use this feature, because these individuals are in it for the way gambling makes them feel, rather than trying to win some money whilst having fun. 

Slot streamers are aware that they have an audience to keep entertained, and what better way of doing so, than risking thousands of pounds on the gamble feature live on air.

This can increase subscribers and get individuals noticed, boosting their image as high-risk, high entertainment gamblers who are willing to go further than others, to keep their audience happy. 

Sound Advice 

Your average gambler who plays slots occasionally and does not have the biggest of budgets to play with should steer clear of employing the gamble feature.

If such gamblers want to try their luck, then it is best to do so during a lucky streak where a financial setback is unlikely to wipe out an entire casino bankroll. However, for the most part, banking wins make more financial sense than risky money on a 50/50 color call.

Prospects For the Gamble Feature 

In the UK the prospects for the gamble feature on slots look bleak and this is all down to new laws being regularly enforced by the UK Gambling Commission. Pressure groups feel that not enough is being done by the gambling industry to protect vulnerable gamblers. This is why the public can no longer gamble with credit cards, or reverse cash withdrawals. 

Individual features on slot games are also being phased out and these include the auto spin function and the gamble feature itself.


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