Is Mobile Gaming at an All-time High in 2022?

When assessing the variety of modern-day entertainment products we have at our disposal, there certainly isn’t a shortage of options in 2022. One of the emerging favourites in recent times has been mobile gaming, with our sophisticated smartphone devices capable of providing us with a truly worthwhile gaming package. In fact, mobile gaming has never been in such healthy shape.

Given the power the average smartphone of today possesses has come a dramatically improved gaming experience overall. The days of Snake on chunky phones that resembled bricks are long gone, instead being replaced by an array of gaming products for a variety of different audiences. As such, mobile gaming is showing dramatic growth and is now a genuine alternative to many consoles gaming options.

For example, according to GO-Globe, mobile games managed to grab 46% of the global gaming revenue in 2017. In 2018, the number went up by 5%, and it grew by 3% more in 2019. Then, in 2020, that number reached around 59%, highlighting mobile gaming’s rise the entertainment ranks.

Mobile gaming is even more popular right now

Fast forward to the present day and gaming on a miniature handheld device is even more appealing, largely due to the new and improved smartphone devices we’re exposed to on an impressively regular basis, but also because of the array of more detailed and advanced games we can sample on both iOS and Android smartphones. From console-quality titles available in the App Store to browser game options such as Online Bingo, the sheer amount of gaming titles available for the average smartphone gamer to sample is quite remarkable.

The options don’t end there either, with augmented reality products, such as Pokémon Go, providing a unique and truly immersive gaming encounter for smartphone gamers. Additionally, mobile gamers can tuck into virtual reality products while using a VR headset, alongside the usual puzzle and brain teaser classics. As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are around 2.7 billion mobile gamers worldwide, with 56% of gamers accessing their go-to title 10 or more times a week, according to App Lovin.

Mobile gaming’s portability aspect a key factor behind its growth

Thanks to the new and improved games that offer both online and offline gaming, a portable gaming option that is a genuine alternative to a more powerful console machine has been established. After all, a console device requires heavy investment and can only be enjoyed indoors. Mobile games, on the other hand, are designed to be picked and put down, resulting in a user-friendly gaming opportunity for people as and when it suits them.

Millennials have discovered this more than any other target audience type, with around 90% of millennials using smartphones for gaming ahead of personal computers, according to GlobeNewswire. Additionally, research gathered by Statista suggests that around five out of 10 people will be mobile gamers by 2025, resulting in mobile gaming’s overall market penetration reaching a staggering 53.3%.

Mobile gaming’s all-round package is certainly more appealing in 2022. Given the continual advancements made in this space, it’s only going to get better, too.