Is Kira Evil? Or Is His Strategy Justified?

This has been a very long debate in the Death Note community. Since the Manga ended people have been debating continuously, each having their own opinion on the series Death Note as a whole. As every individual has different perception and different beliefs of Justice.

Initially Light Yagami is a bright student, top of his class, carries a good personality and is focused toward his goals. Light at the beginning of the franchise is an innocent student who is just living his daily life. He is very introverted in nature and always minds his own business. Probably if Light had stayed on this path, then he would’ve achieved great things in his life but the Death Note ruined everything.

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Dichotomy Regarding the Character Kira.

For years I have seen heated discussions and debates about whether Kira’s philosophy and his methods of giving justice to criminals is right or wrong. Does Light have the right to kill any other life? Did Light become Evil as the story progressed? After all Light only killed criminals, is it not right to kill criminals who have escaped their punishment? These are the main questions addressed by Death Note fans.

Light fans usually defend Light’s philosophy and his way of giving justice. Whereas L fans totally disagree with Light’s way of doing things. 

This article will discuss whether Light really become evil or not.

Kira’s Philosophy Evil or Not?

Light’s philosophy changed as the story progressed. As each day passed Light became more and more Evil. Without realising he became the Antagonist of the franchise.

Here are some reasons: –

  • When Kira said he’s going to become the God of this world he tried to become justice itself. That means he’s saying that he alone shall decide whether a person has a right to live or not. Which also means that he himself has become the Law and the Constitution.
  • The problem arises when Kira started killing FBI agents. He started off by killing Raye Penber which led to the elimination of all the 12 FBI agents hired by L.
  • Kira never hesitated in killing any policemen who were against him. Which also lead to many police officers quitting.
  • Raye Penber’s fiancé Naomi Misora who was close on finding the true identity of Kira was also killed by Light in a horrible way.
  • This essentially means that Kira is willing to kill not just criminals but anyone who opposes him without hesitation.
  • Later on, Kira’s justice got out of Hand when Light actually considered killing his own sister Sayu Yagami to protect his identity. Light almost wrote his sister’s name in the Death Note.
  • Light was also indirectly responsible for his father’s death as the mission to capture Mello was a dangerous mission.
  • Up until a certain point we were sure that no matter how evil Kira might become, he would never harm his own family, but we were proved wrong.
  • When Light’s father died Light did not show any sign of grief or regret. In fact, he was really frustrated that he couldn’t kill Mello.
  • It got more brutal as the series progressed, when Kira also started killing people who support him.
  • Best example would be the horrifying death of Kiyomi Takada. Kiyomi Takada was a Kira follower and she loved Light. Yet Light killed her by burning her alive to protect his identity again.
  • When L was handling the Kira case, he wasn’t even ok with Kira killing criminals who weren’t declared or found guilty of the crime by the jurisdiction.
  • The law also states that no human has the right to kill another human being criminal or not.

The above points prove that Kira did become pure evil. If Kira had only killed criminals, then that would’ve been acceptable to some extent.

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The real downfall in this story happens when Light possesses the Death Note.

It is the very Death Note itself that corrupted an innocent student. Death Note is indeed a very dark story.

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