Is it Expensive to Repair Your AC_ A Quick Guide

Most people have a challenge in deciding whether or when to repair their air conditioner, especially when they think of the costs involved. But, is it that expensive to repair an air conditioner?

Well, the average cost of repairing an AC ranges between $150 and $250. However, the price can shoot up to over $2,000 depending on your AC model, type of repair required, as well as the spare parts and labor costs. With that said, let’s look at a detailed breakdown of how much it will cost you to repair your AC.

Replacing faulty fuses, relays, or circuit breaker

The average cost of replacing these parts ranges between $30 and $300. So, in case you notice that your AC has electrical malfunctions, check these three parts first. The source of the problem can be at the main panel. After the AC technician inspects the panel, they will tell you whether a repair is required or if it’s a part that requires to be replaced.

Fixing freon leak

Fixing a Freon leak will cost you around $200 to $1,000. When coils have corrosion or holes, your AC will start leaking the refrigerant. Please note that a refrigerant plays an important role in air conditioner units. If the levers are too low, your unit will not cool properly. So, to prevent any additional damage to your AC, the coils must be repaired to stop the leak.

Refrigerant recharge

It will cost you around $200 and $500 to refill the refrigerant in your unit. Never allow the refrigerant levels in your AC unit to go below the recommended level. The process of refilling refrigerant is what we call a refrigerant recharge, and it requires specialized skills and equipment.

Replacing thermostat

Replacing a thermostat will cost you an average of $100 to $400. Thermostat accuracy is very important. So, if you realize that your air conditioner is running too long or for a short period, there’s a chance that you have a faulty thermostat, which needs repair.

Replacing AC compressor

Replacing a faulty AC compressor can cost you around $1,000 to $2,000. If you turn on your air conditioner, and you hear it run, but it doesn’t pass cooled air, the compressor might be damaged. While all the parts of your air conditioner are important, the compressor plays a big role. It’s the heart of your air conditioner. If it’s faulty, your system will not function, meaning it requires urgent repairs or replacement.

Replacing AC compressor

Evaporator coil repair

An evaporator coil will cost you an average of $700 to $1,500. Because the refrigerant passes through the component as a liquid and gas, the evaporator coil is very susceptible to corrosion and bacterial growth. So, to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and your indoor air quality healthy, always make sure that your evaporator coils are repaired as soon as you notice the defect. If you’re in need of an ac repair service, you can get in touch with the experts from ac repair Las Vegas.

Service call

The experts from Orlando AC Repair company, Hartman say that service calls cost an average of $150. If you notice that your AC unit isn’t functioning properly, an AC repair technician will come to inspect it. Mostly, the technician will bill you a service charge, and then they will give you the estimated cost of repairing your system. Now the cost of repairing your AC will depend on what the technician finds.

AC capacitor replacement

Replacing a broken AC capacitor costs around $120 to $150. However, it’s important to note that there’s no exact price list for AC capacitors, as most cost around $10 to $23. But, if you choose to buy a branded capacitor, your repair costs can be as high as $400. An AC capacitor stores electrical energy, and distributes it when the motor requires it to start. Now, this is a fairly simple repair, which should be done within 30 to 90 minutes. A faulty AC capacitor will make your Ac unit start producing a humming noise. Also increased energy bills can be an indication that your AC capacitor is faulty and requires replacement.

AC capacitor replacement

Replacing AC condenser

The average cost of replacing an AC condenser ranges between $840 and $4,210. An AC condenser houses the heat-exchange system, which cools and condenses the refrigerant before entering the evaporator coil. With that said, let’s look at the breakdown costs of replacing the AC condenser:

  • Replacing condenser coil – it will cost you around $580 to $3,610 to replace the condenser coil costs. The coil costs $130 to $450, and an AC unit has two coils. One of these parts is the condenser coil, which is situated outside, and it’s where the refrigerant is cooled before re-entering the unit.
  • Condensate pump – replacing an AC condensate pump will cost you around $100 and $165, but the replacement part costs around $45. As an AC unit runs, it generates condensation, which is removed by the condensate pump.
  • Condensate drain pipe – the average cost of replacing condensate replacement pipe is around $100 to $195, while the tubing costs around $20 to $40. The condensate drain pipe drains the condensate after being flushed by the pump.

Emergency AC repair

The cost of emergency AC repairs does vary, depending on the urgency of the repair, as well as demand. First, you will incur the service call charge, and then the labor and replacement parts costs. However, it’s important to note that emergency AC repairs are more cost-effective if you have a home repair plan.