Is Getting a Data Science Certification Course Worth It

Is Getting a Data Science Certification Course Worth It?

Is Data Science hyped? Is it worth pursuing a Data Science certification? Learn why Data Science skills are a must in today’s scenario. Read more to know about it.

One of the buzzing questions on the list of every discussion is whether it is worth getting Data Science Certification. While several online and offline platforms offer Data Science courses, not every platform can give your career the right start.

Hence, through this blog, we have attempted to share an unbiased view of whether one should opt for Data Science certification and its future.

What’s Buzzing in The Data Science Domain?

  • With the surge in the number of Internet of Things and connected devices, we are producing more data than ever.
  • As per IBM, we are creating more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and this number will grow in the future.
  • Even the subject matter experts now need to upskill themselves in the data domain
  • Data-driven decisions are impacting an organization’s strategic moves and productivity.
  • The banking sector can majorly benefit from data- and analytics-powered tools. It helps in comprehending customer requirements and improving sales.  

Empowering Your Data Learning Journey with the Best Data Science Certification Course Online

Anyone willing to go ahead with the Data Science certification program has umpteen options to explore. Amidst the growing doubts regarding job security, Data Science has emerged as a strong anchorage for a prosperous future.

Several online platforms claim to provide the best Data Science certification course. However, all claims are not true. Hence, in the next segment, we will be unfolding the key aspects of the growing demand for Data Science certificate programs, along with the tips that will help you make the best of your learning experience.

Defining the Data Scientist Career Path

Knowing the right career path is paramount for any individual keen to make a career in the Data Science field. However, one of the biggest dilemmas surrounding the mind of a newbie in this field is the confusion around the term Data Scientist.

While many tend to interchangeably use the term analyst, Data Visualizer, and Business intelligence with Data Science, this loose net of information tends to create confusion. A Data Scientist primarily straddles both the IT and the business world.

Today, Data Science is closely woven into the operational fabric of every business. Hence, organizations are now willing to hire Data Scientists who possess technical prowess and can work more cohesively with the other departments. 

Owing to this, there is a major transformation in the course design of Data Science programs.

Is Getting a Data Science Certification Course Worth It?
Is Getting a Data Science Certification Course Worth It?

Nowadays, the Data Science certification online comes with a uniquely designed pedagogy. The best Data Science certification online courses offer an immersive learning experience. The objective of these courses is to provide domain expertise.

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At the same time, these courses focus on nurturing additional skill sets like problem-solving, decision-making, good communication, and others.

Career Trajectory in Data Science

One of the challenging tasks for any Data Science aspirant is to identify the right profile. The data domain has a broader horizon, and one has to identify their inclination and expertise before narrowing down their options. 

Here is a brief description of the classification of the Data Science job profile:

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Expert
  • Market Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Analytics Professional
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • System Analyst

Basic Skills You Should Develop for a Meaningful Data Science Certification Career

While the world continues to debate the long-term propositions of Data Science and how AI will replace jobs, we cannot undermine that Data Science is expanding.

Its job propositions span different industrial domains.  Hence, upskilling oneself is the need of the hour. Let’s unfold the skills one needs to acquire to become an expert in the data domain.

Statistical Analysis

A Data Scientist is the crème-la-crème in any organization; hence, it is one of the most sought-after positions in the market. For any individual to excel as a Data Scientist, having expertise in key skills like statistical analysis is paramount.

Expertise in statistical tools like regression analysis, and hypothesis testing is critical for any Data Scientist. It aids in accurate analysis.

Programming Skills

Another skill set that one needs to master is the programming language.  Proficiency in programming languages like Python, R, or SQL is paramount. It assists in  data cleaning and analysis.

Data Visualization

Data Scientists need to effectively communicate their findings through data visualization. This includes using tools such as Tableau, Power BI, or Matplotlib in Python to create visually appealing data representations that are easily understandable.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms expertise is vital for a Data Scientist. It helps them build predictive models that perform tasks like clustering, filtering, classification, and extracting insights.

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Data Wrangling

The work of a Data Scientist is straddled between different domains like they need to work on pre-processing data, cleansing data and transforming it into an easily comprehensible form.

All this eventually helps maintain the data quality that can give more accurate and precise results. Hence a Data Scientist needs to master the skills of data cleaning, data integration, data transformation and also unfolding the inconsistencies in data.

Domain Knowledge

A Data Scientist must have the technical prowess to excel professionally in this domain. Having field expertise is beneficial for Data Scientists as it helps them to project their profiles more effectively.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

A Data Scientist needs to work on the problem and think over it, identify the problem, formulate the hypothesis and develop data-driven solutions.

Some key skills a Data Scientist needs to acquire are validating assumptions, applying sound reasoning skills for the Data Analysis process and critically analyzing the problem.

Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication is integral when it comes to becoming a successful Data Scientist. While extracting useful insights accurately is paramount, conveying the same information to the client is also significant.

A Data Science professional with proficiency in communicating their ideas even to the non-technical team can ensure collaborative work.

Continuous Learning

The Data Science domain is still at a nascent stage. Several new additions are taking place every day. For an individual to excel in this domain, keeping up with the market’s pulse is paramount.

Hence, acquiring new skills, developing a portfolio, and projecting one’s profile are key areas where a Data Scientist needs to work to gain a competitive edge.

Closing Thoughts

Data Science and Data Analysis have become an integral framework for the foundation of a successful organization. It has attracted the attention of IT professionals as well as non-tech graduates.

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Individuals are now keen to build a strong profile in the data domain. The interdisciplinary application of Data Science across the business niche makes it one of the most sought-after career opportunities.

Individuals looking to improve their skills and gain a deeper understanding of how Data Science work and its application can join the online certificate course in Data Science. Working professionals can join advanced online Data Science certification courses.

These courses are designed in synchronization with the industrial requirements, thus preparing you for real-world job settings.

The Next Step For A Data Science Aspirant

If you are looking forward to making a career in Data Science, Pickl.AI offers you the best learning platform. This e-learning portal has a host of online Data Science certification courses that helps you become proficient in Data Science.

Pickl.AI also offers Job Guarantee Data Science Placement Course Online. So, enroll today and start upskilling.


Is Getting a Data Science Certification Course Worth It?

Online platforms are the best way to upskill and upgrade one’s knowledge. Since one has the leverage of pursuing the program at their convenience, it gives better opportunities to enhance their skill sets and improve their profile.

Several online platforms like Pickl.AI are offering Data Science certification courses. Many of these also come with a job guarantee and internship programs. Hence, before enrolling, one must closely look at the course curriculum, the team of instructors, and the internship opportunities.

How Can I Prepare a Strong Portfolio in Data Science Without Any Experience?

One of the common questions that most Data Science aspirants have is how they will create a strong portfolio without any experience. First, you need to enrol in a credible Data Science certification course that gives you internship opportunities.

Check the projects on which you will be working, as well as the case studies. You can even draw data from online portals and create your projects. Joining different Data Science communities is another way to expand your network and enhance your profile.

What is The Duration of The Online Data Science Certification Course?

The duration of the Data Science certification course may vary based on the type of course. For example, Pickl.AI has the Job Guarantee Program that runs for 5 months. However, you may find several Data Science programs for beginners, which are only for a few weeks or even for a year. So, make sure that you run through the course structure before starting your learning journey.

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