Is Cold Compress or Warm Compress Better for Dry Eye Conditions?

There are so many different dry eye masks available in the market for purchase. You can easily shop dry eye masks even online nowadays. However, one of the most crucial questions that come to mind when looking for treatment is – if cold compress or warm compress is better for dry eye treatments. Most dry eye masks available in the market for purchase are heated eye masks. However, doesn’t one also feel extremely calm and cool and refreshed after doing a cold compress? So, then which is better – cold compress or warm compress? 

Warm Compress or Cold Compress? 

Most people suffer from dry eye conditions to different degrees. However, a severe dry eye condition requires some medical intervention. However, if the condition is not severe and can be managed well-using self-treatment options, such as cold compress. Physicians generally recommend using compresses that give the eye much-required relaxation. The two compresses that are available – warm and cold compresses. Here’s a guide to which kind is better. 

Warm Eye Compress

Warm compresses using a heated eye mask for dry eyes are often recommended for people who struggle with dry eyes as a result of the difficulty in sleeping due to a strain in the eyes. Warm compresses help to increase blood circulation and stimulate the flow of oil glands, thereby allowing the eyes to relax. This also works best for those that find their tears to dry as a result of evaporation quickly. The warmth from the heated eye masks gives them a sense of comfort and stimulates the gland to help with more oil production. This is ideal for those who wake up with a crusty, sticky, or flaky eye.

Cold Eye Compress

On the other hand, cold compress is also known to improve blood circulation in the eye. This type of compression is perfect for those who struggle with reading as a result of dry eye conditions. The coolness one experiences as a result of a cold eye compress relieve a burning sensation that one feels due to strain in the eye. Cold compresses also work wonders on those suffering from dry eyes due to overexposure to screens and blue light. The cold compresses significantly improve on reducing the level of irritation and headaches faced as a result of the strain. 

However, as far as the question goes – which is better – cold compress or hot compress, the answer would naturally be – it is best to consult a doctor and speak them about your personal research, the in-depth knowledge of your condition as well as gauging the symptoms according to what you may have experienced in the recent past days and months leading up to now. Depending on the situation at hand and the condition you face, you could alternatively use both a heated eye mask and cold compresses for your eye and optimal eye health. 

Ensure that you take the time to consult a physician who is better qualified at gauging your issues that persists as a result of your dry eye condition. As mentioned above, ensure that you don’t self-medicate if your symptoms are slightly severe. 

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