IOS vs Android_ Which App to Develop First

For developing applications, you as an app developer should consider your goals, your target audience, and their needs. IOS vs Android depends on five factors: your audience, desired app features, project timeline, revenue goal, and app maintenance budget. Let’s check out in details.

Are you thinking about launching your app on both Android and iOS platforms? Is that your goal? Thus you should consider that it might be expensive and risky for you to create an app for both platforms concurrently. 

You better choose one platform to create an application based on your strategies and needs; once you establish the app and it becomes successful you can decide to launch the application on the other platforms or not. 

You can start to read about app development to make your decision on which platform is the good choice to start developing an application; for example, an iOS app development company in Australia can be a handy option for you.

Why are Mobile app development for iOS and Android edition 3.0 better
IOS vs Android

Audience and Mobile Traffic

Things that you should consider are the demographic, geographic characteristics of your target audience, and your goals. Demographic and geographic characteristics help you to decide which platform you are going to develop first. 

If you want to reach a global worldwide audience. For instance, the audiences dominant in emerging markets throughout the world, including Africa, Latin America, and Asia, or your business more likely related to technical jobs Android would be a better option for you. If you’re an e-commerce or corporate software developer, the target audiences are young or they have a great level of education or be in professional or management positions; thus, iOS would be a great idea. 

Another thing that would be better to look at is to find out which devices iOS or Android drive the most traffic toward your mobile website. When you see visitors coming from iOS to your site more often than Android, you should start developing your mobile app for the App Store. On the other hand, if iOS is a minority of the traffic, Android could be your best bet.


Returning to the question of which platform can choose, you are selecting Android or iOS because they dominate the mobile business market share. However, market share does not convey the entire story. The amount of income generated by each platform may be a more meaningful narrative, and in this regard, things cannot be more unlike.

Although Android now has a 74 percent market share, Apple’s platform leads throughout terms of revenue. The iOS App Store produced more billions than Google Play made in sales.  


You are thinking about how to make money. Is making money one of your planned strategies? How do you want to achieve it? By advertising, a paid app, or in-app purchases? 

There are a few things to think about if your application plan includes generating revenue via charging consumers to download apps.

IOS consumers are much more willing to spend on applications and spend on an in-app purchase than Android customers. If you want customers to buy your application or services within your application, consider iOS. 

Thus, if your business plan revolves around subscriptions or in-app purchases, you should be aware that Apple customers pay more than Android users in this area.

Decide on a Platform Based on Your Budget

While you see yourself tight on resources here are what you should do; start to develop applications on one mobile platform depending on your target audience and define the basic things of mobile products that will provide fundamental value to your consumers, and plan to release a Minimum Viable Products initially.

Beginning with an MVP helps you to reduce the most significant entrepreneurial risk by testing a market quickly and with minimal cost. Developing a mobile MVP may provide significant insights about what your customers need, how they can use the service, and your ability to gain success with the product’s key values if done correctly.

Software development companies who use it have a higher chance of not losing money before reaching Product/Market Fit, thus have a good opportunity of creating a stable brand on mobile.


An essential step before every launch part is to test the app to ensure bug-free and proper functionality. As you should know, different platforms have their operating system and different usability related to the device. 

Android smartphones are quite different, with varying screen resolutions being only one example. Because Android software changes, you need to design an app based on the version your consumers have. Asia and Europe are often more likely to use older versions, whereas the United States has smartphones with more up-to-date versions. If your primary market is the United States, it could be better to design for the most recent operating system.

The iPhone has fewer platforms, and Apple handles many of the variations in-house, including automatic screen resolution dependent on the device, giving users less to worry about when it comes to repairs. But opposite of Android users, Apple customers are more likely to receive user upgrades virtually quickly.

It shows that each OS has advantages and disadvantages, but depending on your goals and entire mobile application strategy, it needs to be obvious which application to build first.

Maintaining Application on iOS or Android Is Simpler If Customers Update OS

It is easier to maintain an app on Android or iOS if users update their operating systems.

Development for Android might need some extra effort spent to ensure that your software remains platform-compatible and avoids problems and crashes for consumers using earlier operating systems.

Users of Android are slow to accept new operating systems. According to researchers, more than half of Android customers used an operating system that was more than two years old.

Apple consumers are likely to keep their operating systems up to date.

Last Words

If you’re thinking about developing a mobile app, you’re undoubtedly wondering whether to start with iOS or Android. The decision between iOS or Android as a launch system for your mobile application is heavily influenced by your company goals, target audience, and market. However, by the end, you would feel more confident with making an informed decision among Android and iOS app development. 

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