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It is 2021. We are going through the tail of the pandemic. YouTube and other tutorials are maybe the most popular mode of teaching right now. As students are not being able to visit their academic sessions physically. After the huge impact of the pandemic, most of the academic sessions are now online-based. And for this, you will need a proper screen recorder. This is the point when we want to describe you one of the most popular and fantastic screen recorder software for your pc – IObit Screen Recorder.

If you search for a screen recorder, you will surely find a huge list of 10-20 software that can record your screen. It will definitely be a very confusing situation. Which one to choose? This article will help you in this odd situation. We will describe the ins and outs of IObit Screen Recorder. Please go through this and check out whether you can see the feature you want.

Features of IObit Screen Recorder

You can use some default software for recording screen which will definitely record the screen but I can make sure that those software will not give the following fantastic features:

  • The first interesting feature of IObit Screen Recorder is that it has proper flexibility. You can choose the area which you want to record. And you can change it during the operation as well. Definitely, it is a fantastic feature.
  • Being a smooth screen recorder online, it gives you the opportunity of recording audio with the video. So, you do not have to use an audio recorder separately and merge both audio and video later. Merging this audio and video is definitely a worse experience for most of us. So, IObit Screen Recorder reduces our toil on a huge level.
  • Another pathetic thing we observe while recording by other software is that, they lag while recording in HD. But IObit Screen Recorder will never make you feel ashamed while recording HD videos. It will sustain the situation properly.
  • IObit Screen Recorder is not only a screen recorder but also a screenshot taker. You can simultaneously capture screenshots while recording your screen.
  • Another important thing is that it is not only about recording the screen but also about getting the output in an acceptable format. If you use IObit Screen Recorder you will be able to get the versatility of getting output in mp4, gif, avi etc. format. So, You will never have to convert it again.
  • You will not require a separate editing software because IObit Screen Recorder gives you the opportunity of editing the video after recording it. So when you are done with your screen recording, take a cup of coffee and enjoy the editing procedures.

We hope these fantastic features will be enough to convince you to use this software. Please let us know if you like this review. Share it if you like it.

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