Integrated application of turnstile gate and visitor system

After online information registration and offline ID verification, the visitor system can be authorized to enter the visited area. It is not only time-consuming, but also not accurate to check the access authority manually. If the gateway management method is adopted, it will bring visitors electronic authorization and self-service access, which is simple and effective.

The use of the access turnstile gate brings great convenience to the visitor system, realizes the cooperation and cooperation between various security posts, and perfectly realizes the automatic control of the entrance and exit during the visit. Before the visitors pass through the gate, the security management personnel need to configure the access authority for the visitors. With the cooperation of the intelligent visitor system software and hardware, the owner’s visitor equipment realizes the control of the channel gate through the automatic setting, which saves the manpower input of the personnel in all aspects of opening the gate and checking the identity.

After the docking and integration of the control data of the turnstile gate and the visitor system, the visitor’s identity can be confirmed, and the access authority can be automatically obtained at the self-service terminal of the visitor system, so as to avoid the long-time access waiting. Mairsturnstile has rich experience in turnstile gate with access control system, and the security turnstile entrance gate produced by Mairsturnstile has good compatibility and high cost performance. If you need to customize the turnstile, you can visit our official website.

In the construction of the turnstile gate system, different access recognition methods can be set according to the actual management needs. The commonly used methods include swipe card entry, QR code entry and face recognition entry. Among them, swipe in and out need to add an additional link to return the card, while the other two ways do not need the owner to provide identification media. The turnstile gate controlled by these three different identification methods can be integrated with the visitor system. The primary use procedure is just as follows:

  1. Integration of face recognition gateway and visitor system:

When the visitor system uses the face as the authentication method, after the visitor arrives at the scene, through the face comparison to realize the identity audit, the collected face photos can be transformed into eigenvalues and sent to the face recognition terminal on the gate. After the administrator sends these special information and the gate switch authority, the external personnel can open the gate in the face of the turnstile gate.

2. Integration of QR code identification channel gate and visitor system:

After the QR code scanner is installed on the pedestrian passageway gate, the temporary QR code of the pedestrian passageway gate will be sent to the visitors, and the visitors will scan the code in front of the gate by virtue of the dynamic QR code information. After the background authentication system to verify the authenticity of the two-dimensional code information, that is to give the gate opening or rejecting instructions. When visitors leave the security turnstile gate, they will also complete the process of code scanning and gate opening by themselves.

3. The application of temporary card opening channel gate in visitor management:

After the visitor passes the identity verification, the owner will issue a temporary card to the visitor, who will be granted the right to pass through the gate within a certain period of time. The visitor will use this card to swipe the card to pass through the gate. But before leaving, you must complete the authorization to leave after the card collection. In this way, once the temporary card is lost, the latter forgets to return the card, which will bring hidden danger to the owner’s safety.

After the integration of the visitor system and the channel gate, no matter what kind of identification method is adopted, the access authorization can be opened for temporary visitors. In the control mode of the channel gate system, that is, the software can be used for linkage management, and the access control can be completed by the background program, or the access controller can be added to realize the opening control of the gate by the authority set by the access control system.

The use of passage gate not only facilitates the access of visitors, but also reduces the workload of security personnel on identification before access. Under the integrated management of the two systems, the overall management accuracy is provided, and the visitor experience is improved.

In the gateway with face and two-dimensional code recognition, the workload of recovering temporary cards is eliminated, and visitors can leave the visited unit without going through the check-out procedures. The automatic visitor management mode improves the labor efficiency of personnel, and eliminates the occurrence of counterfeiting and follow-up time.

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