Indian Wedding Jewelry and The 5 Most Trendy Jewellery

Indian marriages are incomplete without wedding jewelry. Indian weddings and jewelry go hand in hand; this means if there is a marriage in an Indian family a major chunk of savings are spent on the wedding jewelry or if someone is spending heavily on jewelry then certainly he/she is going to use it for a wedding.

Of course, why not spend on the wedding as this is among one of the most memorable days in the life of a couple. This is the day when a boy and a girl get tied in the eternal bond of marriage. It won’t be incorrect to call it a family function as it lasts for days and sometimes even weeks especially in Indian villages where all the family members get together.

A huge celebration and lavish expenses make it commonly called a Big Fat Indian Wedding. Nowadays many international celebrities plan & come to India specially to get married in the Indian way & spend millions of dollars. And another reason behind this is the best online wedding jewellery designers for Indian brides.

Here are the 5 most common wedding jewelry that is always in trend and evergreen in fashion. They can be of gold, silver, or even artificial kundan jewellery

Indian Wedding Jewelry
Indian Wedding Jewelry

Head Jewellery

The first and the foremost comes the head jewelry, The Indian women love to decorate their hairs and the head with various types of jewelry like Matha Patti, rakhadi, meri, pasha, mang tikka, hair bands, and clips. This jewelry is made from gold and silver however nowadays artificial or imitation jewelry is in fashion too. 

Neck Jewellery

Though necklaces and neck sets are the most common neck jewelry in India however there are quite a few others that are worn, like Mangalsutra ( only by married women), kanthi, timaniya and aad. A necklace with earrings ( and maang tikka) is called a neck set.

Nose Jewellery

Another piece of jewelry that is very common among Indian girls and women is nose jewelry – nose pin, Nath & besar. Nath & besar both come in pierceable and non-pierceable variants. Nath is round wired jewelry with metal design, Kundan, and beads are also used to give an attractive look.

They can be as big as a palm with a chain attached to them. The chain is tied or attached to the hairs from a side angle to wear it properly and give it an elegant look. Besar is prominent nose jewelry from the Maharashtra state of India so it is famously called Marathi Besar. Nose jewelry can be worn on the left or right side of the nose however many girls pierce the central dividing septum of the nose to wear a nose pin or nose ring.

Hand Jewellery

Hand jewelry holds a special place in Indian ornaments especially the Bangles. Though bangles or variants of bangles are used across the globe in different size shapes and colors however in Indian culture bangles hold a special position just like the mangalsutra.

Married women always wear colorful bangles that reflect their marital status. Many types of bangles are used across India like metal bangles, glass bangles, lac bangles, embroidered Bengals, etc. Other hand jewelry used in India is Chura ( a multi-set of thick bangles), bajuband ( wear on the biceps), poonchi ( wear on the wrist), khanch ( wear on the biceps).

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Combo Jewelry Set

As the name itself suggests it is a combination of different individual jewelry items making a complete Jewellery set. This is one of the most common things that is bought for a bride during the wedding season in India. A typical combo jewelry set consists of one or two-piece of head jewelry, a heavy neck set ( aad, timaniya ), bridal Chura, bajuband, poonchi with loom / kaleere, Nath or besar, rings, hathphool, and a few other pieces of jewelry.

Thus bridal jewelry holds an important place in the Indian wedding and can’t be ignored at any cost. The beauty of an Indian bride is incomplete without bridal jewelry.