Incredible Study Apps for Students in High School

Preparing for A-level or GCSE examinations can be a great hassle to students in high school. However, there are new applications that help you study efficiently. So how can you access these applications? And how useful are they? In this article, we’ll show you a list of apps hand-picked by experts from 123 Homework that suit every student.

Technology has, without a doubt, incredibly impacted the world, from advancement in the medical world to breakthroughs in the engineering world. The same technology has been used to boost education and provide an easier and more convenient way to study through apps. Applications can be used anytime and at any place, proving suitable to help you prep for exams. The applications’ content is also often updated; hence you receive the latest information each time you use these apps to revise.

StudyBlue Flashcards and Quizzes 

Flashcards are an incredible way to study for any test, major, or just a random assessment test. Using flashcards, you can go through a lot of content in a short period, and the best part is that you can use them at any place.

You can decide to create the flashcards yourself, which would take up a considerable amount of time, or you can opt to use the pre-made flashcards in StudyBlue. 

StudyBlue has over five hundred million flashcards that cover any topic that you might be struggling with. In addition, you can also customize the materials provided by adding audio and images to make the flashcards more effective.

The application also offers quizzes which you can use to track your improvement with time. Quizzes are a great motivational booster, plus they help ease out the exam pressure.


If you love to study socially, then you might consider using this incredible application. GoConqr lets you collaborate and connect with your classmates and friends or even other students from across the world. 

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Through the app, you can connect with millions of groups and discuss various topics; the selection is incredibly vast. You can also post and share resources and receive immediate feedback from other students dealing with the same issue.

The application is both visual and collaborative, allowing you to study socially at any time and any place.

Exam Countdown Lite 

Do you have a hard time remembering exam dates? Exam Count Down is an application that helps you track important dates with ease. In addition, the app provides efficient visual reminders that help you recall to revise for your exam before you are too late.

The best part about this application is that it has a color code algorithm that makes your reminders stand out. 

The app also allows you to include some notes on each reminder.

My Study Life 

My study life is a calendar application for students in college and in high school. Using the app, you can create a personal timetable to help you manage your assignments, exams, and classes. 

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The app lets you allocate tasks to particular classes, plus it also has a reminder to ensure that you do not forget to complete a task. In addition, the apps have days and weeks rotation; hence you can allocate time to those once-a-week classes. 


If you are the organized type of person, then this is an application to check out. Evernote lets you create a to-do list, web pages, images, and much more. Using the application, you can type out any note or handwrite the notes and then store the information in PDF or a document form.

Evernote ensures that anything created via the app is stored in a well-organized manner.


Mind mapping helps you study better by improving your thoughts organizations and sparking your memory which lets you develop new ideas.

SimpleMind mind lets you create an efficient mind map by providing many layouts that you can implement. You can push your brain to the edge with the unlimited virtual page sizes, plus a couple of efficient elements.

Headspace: Mindfulness and Meditation

Relieving yourself from stress is fantastic for boosting your concentration and focus, which helps you study better. Overworking your mind is never a good idea; hence taking a step back to calm down and relax is an incredible idea. Using this application, you get fantastic ideas on how to unwind and relax your mind and body.


We are in a new era, a technological era; hence if you want to succeed in high school, you have to take advantage of the available tech. The applications that we have gone through in this article are practical, and they will, without a doubt, impact your life drastically.


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