My Incredible Adventure in Canada, I Will Tell You Everything

I have always loved the holidays. Growing up, my parents and I would often choose significant places to visit each Christmas season. One vacation that forever stands out in my mind was our trip through the Great Ocean Road in Australia. I will always remember gazing dreamily at the famous rock formations. 

The older I got, the more I realized that these mini-vacations offered an escape, a relief from the stress of adulthood, a technique used to strengthen my family’s relationship. With this realization, I determined to keep my family’s holiday tradition alive by making a list of places to visit each year.

After a hard time picking my next tourist destination, I finally settled on visiting Canada. My plan was to enter Canada via a road trip from Pennsylvania, this normally is approximately an eight-hour thirty-two-minute drive. A great plan right? Yeah, exactly what I thought until I remembered that I recently bagged a criminal record! Shocking. And even so, i got into canada with a dui

Thinking about it now makes it hilarious. I figure it would make a great story to tell my future husband and kids that I got into Canada with a 3!!! Now I know you are probably thinking “how on earth did she do it?”, well it wasn’t quite easy. I immediately began making my research on ways to enter Canada with a dui, loads of information popped up on my screen, some useful, some less.

While most people admitted gaining entry by bargaining at the border, I didn’t want to take the risk and disappointment of being turned down. So I legally obtained a special permission to enter. This way I got to fully enjoy my tour, without constantly worrying about getting caught.

Places I visited

I had the most thrilling adventure in Canada. Armed with my Google map, a few clothes, a car and a burning desire to explore, I made my first stop at Victoria. Popular for its mouth watering local cuisines, the city’s rich architectural heritage drew me in. I remember feeling enchanted by its calming scenery while taking photographs. 

My second stop was none other than the Niagara Falls in Ontario. Recognized as one of the top tourist attraction sites in the world, the Niagara Falls is just across the border. I took the Maid of the Mist ride and allowed myself the epic journey through the falls.

My adventure soon had me kayaking in the resort town of Saint Andrews, taking horse riding lessons and hiking through the village of Carcross, visiting the second-largest city in Canada, Quebec, and exploring the street life while learning a little French.

Quebec is one of the Canadian cities that attracted a lot of foreign investors who chose to set up a business here and benefit from the local opportunities.


I have been on countless tours, and it would seem that the more I travel, the larger my list grows. Also, i got into canada with a dui. One would assume that by now I should have covered about 50% of the coolest places on earth, but alas, I am not even close. Yet with each trip, I check one more box, and now I can finally add Canada to my list of adventurous places I have visited.