5 Ways to Improve Hospitality Services

When you’re in the business of travel and leisure, every detail counts. Customers are relying on you to deliver an unforgettable experience. That can be a difficult standard to live up to. While some hiccups aren’t unusual, many common hospitality complaints can be avoided by improving your internal operations. To wow your guests and take your company to a higher standard of service, try these five strategies.

Personalize Everything

People want to feel like they are truly being tended to and welcomed when they arrive at a hotel or bed and breakfast. Integrate or improve your Central Reservation System (CRS) to ensure staff can always easily access a guest’s name and information. Another way to create an experience based business is to add a small welcome gift and offer free amenities, such as evening refreshments or complimentary breakfasts. A simple gesture, like chocolates on the pillow after housekeeping, adds a touch of pampering to your guests’ stay won’t be forgotten.

Improve Your Staff’s Turnaround Times

A guest should never have to ask for something more than once. Make sure that all of your departments have streamlined communication to ensure that requests are met quickly regardless of where they originate. If someone calls the front desk to ask for new sheets, the attendant should easily be able to connect with housekeeping and make it happen in a matter of minutes. Room service should always be timely to ensure food is hot and guests aren’t left sitting around hungry. One of the reasons hotels and other hospitality establishments experience delays is poor fleet management and supplier organization. If you are a fleet owner, one way to minimize issues is to use an ELD compliance solution to prevent hours of service violations, brought to any Android or iOS device for easy use.

Update Your Technology

Rather than use plastic key cards, upgrade all of your rooms with smart locks instead. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also gives guests greater peace of mind. They can only access their room using their smartphones. Another fantastic hotel technology upgrade is in-room tablets. These allow guests to place room service orders, book services and make requests from the device rather than calling the front desk. In some cases where growth is significant some businesses have even adopted call center tech trends into how they set up their automated prompts for both future and current guests.

Offer a Rewards Program

Make your guests feel like they’re part of your hotel’s family. Reward them for repeat stays by offering an exclusive rewards program. Benefits can include early check-in and late check-out, complimentary amenities and room service credit. Being a reward member should also include personalized greetings to boost loyalty and a sense of inclusion. Reward members can be added to a separate mailing list as well, which allows you to send them exclusive promotions and offers that make them more likely to come back.

Implement Continued Professional Development for Employees

Hotel staff should always be well-versed in the latest technology. Professional development training improves job satisfaction, which in turn boosts productivity and reduces error. Training also helps staff prepare for any and all types of scenarios so they are able to easily respond and adapt to anything a guest might require. When introducing new systems, like a CRS, make sure there is support software readily available to avoid delays or mismanagement.

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