Important Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before Renting A House in India

Being a tenant we understand how bad it can go to cope with your landlord. Fighting over things against your landlord may put you in court, even exercising your right of tenant becomes challenging if the landlord does not want to give. Being tenant we must not avoid the process of drafting an Online Rent Agreement no matter you are occupying lavish villas or 1BHK; as the whole renting process is based on a rental agreement. It is a way you can save yourself in case if any argument arises between you and the owner of the property. Though renting process is almost the same but still you should ask a bunch of questions to your landlord. 

To live a stress-free life in renting a property, ask these questions before moving in- 

Is the security deposit amount fair?

Due to our human tendency, we bargain at a shop or outlet while buying our favorite dress. We want to double-check the seller rather he is quoting a fair price or not. Likewise, it becomes our duty to ask for a fair security deposit amount because there is no standardization of the deposit amount. A landlord may charge a higher or lower figure as per the area space and amenities providing. That is why always ask for a fair price.

What would be the rent due date? 

Some landlords seem fine with receiving rent on the day when occupants moved in. Some are good with tenants paying rent at the beginning of the month. Al last agree upon the date which is convenient for you and your landlord. Some landlords are OK with a 10-12 days grace period but some are not. Hence, ask and discuss this with your landlord precisely.

How to pay rent?

This depends on the choice of the owner either they want to get payment directly in their bank account or in cash.

List of amenities

To spare yourself from any useless arguments and trouble make a list of amenities the landlord is providing. This should be done before even before drafting Online Rent Agreement and moving in. 

The refundable amount of security deposit

Know the refundable amount before you make payment of the security deposit and rent of the first month. The sooner you know this will better for you. 

Duration of notice to give before vacating the property

Landlords make their income source through renting out the property, they do not want any kind of pause in their monthly income. That is why owners keep the notice period of 2-3 months, or more but they are flexible about the notice period. Therefore, ask your landlord about the notice period this will save you lots of time in the end.

Paying the maintenance

There are tons of maintenance required living in any kind of property. Ask your landlord if the maintenance is included in rent or needed to pay rent apart. Also make a summary of expenses that came in the rent agreement in Bangalore, so that you can put such expenses in front of your owner

Conclusion We went through many key points you are required to ask your landlord and always better to be clear about this upfront.

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