Safety Jackets and Safety Harnesses

When participating in industrial activities, it is critical to watch for potential hazards and create a safe working atmosphere. Safety harnesses and work jackets are crucial for most industries and sites and help users remain safe and secure. 

Understanding various workplace health and safety laws required to keep everyone safe is essential. Providing work jackets helps worker protect against the weather and increase their protection. 

As a leading provider of health and safety products, Fristads ensures its supplies comply with the requirements so that the customers have complete peace of mind when they shop from this brand. 

Similarly, the use of safety harnesses in an industry where work at height is performed at least 2 meters above the base should be compulsory. 

Any activity at height requires special care with PPE because accidents can happen anytime. 

Safety harnesses supplied by Kong comply with the standards established by NR 35 that deal specifically with the workers working at height. 

A Safety Jacket is Everything a Worker Needs

A safety jacket is a must for anyone taking part in industrial activities. The use of a safety jacket is a great way to keep workers safe on job sites and is also an essential PPE component.

Fristads Airtech Winter Jacket, besides providing the right level of protection, also offers full mobility for a job that requires it. 

By providing work jackets, an organization can protect the workers from a number of hazards, including the cold, which has the ability to impair the employee’s ability to perform and can even increase the risk of accidents.

By providing the right set of protective clothing, an organization clearly demonstrates that they care for their workers’ wellbeing and safety, and thus helps improve the morale of their workforce. 

With the development of new fabrics, it is now possible to design work jackets from materials other than cotton or polyester-cotton blends. New jackets can be now typically made of the same wear-resistant material as work trousers and offer the same strength and comfort. 

Fristads jackets are available in fabrics with suitable properties for the work required. These jackets provide a different level of safety and flexibility compared to traditional work jackets. 

Safety Harness: Why are they Important?

The use of safety harnesses complies with the industry requirements and is mandatory for activities that may pose a risk to the worker’s physical integrity.

These safety harnesses keep the workers safe whenever they perform an action at height. As the harnesses are fixed to a point, they offer the necessary support and help the easy execution of work at height. 

There are various safety harnesses for different activities:

  • Harness with a single connection 
  • Confined space harness with shoulder straps
  • Harness with a lateral connection point
  • Harness for rope access, rescue, and industrial mountaineering
  • Harness for hot work

High-quality safety harnesses provide the reassurance that all the necessary precautions are considered. They not only improve the worker’s protection but also allow them to use their hands while working at heights freely. 

The safety harnesses offer different options for connection points to ensure excellent safety and mobility. You need to watch a suitable connection point that best meets the needs of a particular task. 

For example, you can use connection points as:

  • Dorsal attachment D-ring also known as fall arrest
  • Frontal attachment D-ring, which can be in the form of a ring or a strap
  • Shoulder straps are usually required for confined space access
  • Two positioning rings on the waist
  • Ventral D-ring for better support

The safety harnesses for easy working at height are manufactured in synthetic material and polyester by Kong. This type of manufacturing material is more comfortable, malleable, resistant, and sturdy, thus offering more convenience to the users. When used properly, these harnesses aides in keeping the workers upright if a sudden fall happens. 


Understanding complete body safety is critical, and providing the proper safety equipment to the workers is mandatory. While making your in-direct purchase in Europe, you can search for an online platform.

You can even find a company that facilitates various industrial purchases and protective supplies from multiple manufacturers under a single invoice.

That is, you can bundle your orders from various suppliers into a single order, thus making it easy for your indirect purchases.