Importance of Implementing Telepresence Solution for Prisons

Telepresence is a technology that gives users a feel like they are present or have some effect in a space where they are not physically present. By using video conferencing tools, telepresence transmits picture and audio stream with robotics installation to a remote location that helps users to perform tasks from a remote location. The telepresence solution can be used in assorted industries starting from health care to manufacturing, telepresence helps in saving a lot of money and effort in setting up effective meetings or conferences.

Why Use Telepresence Solution?

Some of the key reasons why one must use telepresence solutions are:

  • It provides a virtual and real meeting experience comprising life-sized displays, quick connections, HD video quality, and directional audio.
  • The solution is very effective when one wants to save time, money, and avoid traveling around the world.
  • The solution helps people to connect with friends and business partners within no time. 
  • It gives a feel as if you are actually present in one room when interacting with business partners or catching up with friends. 
  • Telepresence generally uses modern tools to share content (digital) flawlessly and revise documents virtually.

Telepresence in Human Justice Process

Like various other fields, telepresence is making a huge impact on the human justice process. A large number of governments, as well as private prisons all over the world, are implementing telepresence solutions in their processes. Telepresence solution for prison can help to provide secure communication in prison. This new approach helps to replace or supplement traditional visitation in prison. In recent times, telepresence has become one of the most preferred ways of communication between inmates, family members, or legal authorities. The solution allows family members or any other concerned person to visit inmates without physically visiting the location. The encrypted system of this solution allows for easy monitoring of inmates’ communication. The reason behind the growing demand for telepresence in prison is mainly the security and safety purpose. Another important reason behind using telepresence solutions for prisons is that it is quite cost-effective as it eliminates the requirement of patrolled travel by gathering inmates remotely.

How Telepresence Services are Beneficial for Prison?

Telepresence services can help to reduce the population in prison and enhance security. How? Well, it can be possible by assimilating criminals back into society and reducing recidivism rates. Prisoners can easily meet their family members, friends, officers, or a legal person virtually without leaving the confines of the prison, allowing a support system in place. Moreover, Low-risk prisoners who are on parole can check in with their parole officers using video booths, which is really effective in reducing repeat offenses.

The whole justice process can be made effective and smooth by implementing telepresence throughout each stage. Suppose a criminal or suspect is accused by a judge. With the help of a telepresence solution, the suspect can be presented in front of the judge through a high-definition telepresence system. This way, the occurrence of a suspect in a courtroom can be prevented and he can be kept in the jail where he is being held. This not only helps to save time but also prevents the need for security to escort the suspect from the jail to the courtroom. This is just one example of how telepresence solutions can be beneficial in the justice process. The technology used in courtrooms, police stations, and correctional facilities will not only help to make services more efficient and reasonable but also more accessible.

Key Features of Telepresence Solution for Prison

Some of the key features that one must look at when planning to implement telepresence solution for prison include Grievance ticket generation, HD video capabilities, Voice, text, and video messaging, interoperability, encrypted communication, monitored interactions, virtual family visiting, cross-platform conference, call recording and tracking, call scheduling, onsite visitation scheduling, faraway meeting, publish prison rules or articles, etc.

Nowadays, there are so many companies in the market offering telepresence solutions. t is important to choose the one that has expertise and experience in this field, and the ability to provide 24/7 support while assuring quality, affordable pricing model, futuristic development approach, adherence to security protocols and provide also services in finding inmate information.


Telepresence is undoubtedly an added benefit in the world of technology, especially when used in businesses, health care, and justice processes. The technology makes it very convenient to hold a meeting while preventing the need to travel from one place to another. You just need a device that can support telepresence and fast internet, that’s it.

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