Do My Homework – I Don’t Want to Do My Homework

Did you know that students are paying to get their homework done? .Shocking, right?  The so called “do my homework for money” websites have been in existence for years. Their popularity has however grown tenfold in recent years. This can be attributed to the evolution of the internet and social media. The services are advertised in broad daylight on many platforms. Another factor that has contributed to their growth is the amount of homework administered to students. With the evolution of teaching, most Professors are taking hands off approach. This means just giving tons and tons of homework to students to test their understanding.  Nowadays students are told to read on a particular topic and then given an assignment on the topic to test their understanding. Due to the pressure to succeed, most students end up outsourcing for College essay help from online sources. While this may be unethical, it is not entirely illegal.

So what does it mean to pay for “do my homework” services? Most of the websites that provide such services have an order calculator. This means that once you click on place an order you are redirected to a calculator that calculates the cost of your homework depending on academic level, deadline and number of pages. The prices vary depending on the website. There are the so called cheap essay writing services that provide cheap writing services. Then there are other websites that provide the same services at a premium. The difference in pricing is influenced by the authority of the website. This does not necessarily mean that cheap will get you bad services and expensive will get you good services. It simply means that most students are not able to afford premium writing services and so might settle for the less expensive alternatives.

Most services use PayPal as their preferred mode of payment. Once you pay for your order a writer is assigned to handle your work. The writer is chosen from their pool of writers. All you have to do is communicate with the writer on how you want the paper to be written. Once the paper is written and submitted you are notified and asked to go through the paper. If satisfied with the submitted paper, you then approve the order and the writer will receive his/her pay. If not satisfied, you can request for a revision of the paper to meet your standards and requirements. This is why these services have been christened as custom writing services.  This is because with such services, the paper is written to your satisfaction. It can be edited or redone as you so wish. These bespoke paper services have evolved over the years to such standards

Over the years there has been an emergence of automated essay writing services such as essaytyper and essaybot These services have been reviewed and found to be wanting as they are automated. Their sources are questionable and the work produced is really not up to standard. Using these services may be perilous to the student. As a student you are advised to strive to do all your assignments by yourself. However this may be impossible due to time constraints. If you ever feel the need to seek the services of such websites then you should know that you are doing it at your own risk. You should do a thorough research to ensure that the service you use is reliable and legitimate. This is because many are times students have been scammed by such websites. To avoid falling into such traps always do a thorough research and identify a decent services.

Finally make sure you personally check for plagiarism on the submitted papers. Plagiarism is considered a serious academic crime. Always rely on a good plagiarism checker to avoid the trouble odf dealing with a plagiarized paper. With these few tips the decision on whether to use an academic writing site for you homework is entirely up to you.

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