HughesNet Internet speed and packages

HughesNet offers wireless satellite broadband service with reliable download and upload speeds. They provide internet connectivity to the most remote locations throughout the USA, delivering high-speed bandwidth for citizens residing in rural areas. Due to the unavailability of relevant telecommunication infrastructure, most other ISPs are not able to provide data services in these areas. They are only present in densely populated metro cities.

The new Gen5 upgraded tech by HughesNet has revolutionized satellite technology, providing consistent speed to all parts of the United States at affordable rates. You can click here at to find out more about their offers and services. HughesNet has both residential and business plans to help all sorts of customers with their connectivity requirements. Therefore, they are a good choice for any household or business, allowing more people to connect simultaneously.

We’re going to shed some light on their internet features and plans to help you decide on an internet package that is most suitable for you.

This is what you basically get with every HughesNet Internet plan in a nutshell:

  • Every plan comes with the same 25 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload speed.
  • There is a built-in Wi-Fi so, you do not need to buy or rent any extra equipment.
  • Nationwide availability of consistent services.
  • With every data plan, there’s an additional 50 GB Bonus Zone data from 2 am to 8 am.

HughesNet residential/standard internet plans

Internet planPer month costConditions
10 GB Data Plan$59.99Reduced speed in case data limit exceeds
20 GB Data Plan$69.99Reduced speed in case data limit exceeds
30 GB Data Plan$99.99Reduced speed in case data limit exceeds
50 GB Data Plan$150.00Reduced speed in case data limit exceeds

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HughesNet business internet plans

Internet planData allowed per monthSuitable for
Business 3525 GB Data During Daytime + 10 GB Data Anytime2–3 users with multiple devices, basic internet requirements.
Business 5025 GB Data During Daytime + 25 GB Data AnytimeUp to 5 users with light to moderate business internet requirements.
Business 7525 GB Data During Daytime + 50 GB Data AnytimeUp to 5 users with extensive business connectivity requirements.
Business 15050 GB Data During Daytime + 100 GB Data AnytimeUp to 10 users with heavy-duty business internet requirements.
Business 25050 GB Data During Daytime + 200 GB Data AnytimeMore than 10 users who need a heavy data plan to run their business.

Soft data caps or data guidelines

HughesNet has no hard set data limit. This is just superb as most other ISPs simply discontinue their internet services once the set data limit is reached. With HughesNet, your service will continue without any termination with only one issue. You will now get reduced data download speeds that will range between 1 to 3 Mbps. They will not charge you extra for using more data, which is a plus. You can also add more data to your plan during the service if reduced speeds are causing any trouble to your usage.

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HughesNet pricing and plans

They promise to keep your monthly bill constant. This is a relief considering that their only satellite competitor Viasat increases its prices after the first three months. HughesNet does bind you in a contract, which is a definite downside since contracts can be messy.

However, there’s an upside to this. If you are a permanent resident of any rural location or have recently moved to such allocation with no plans of moving back to the urban cities then satellite internet may be your only choice for connectivity. If that is the case, then staying on a HughesNet plan for two years does not sound like a bad deal at all. Add to this there no price hike deal and you’re good to go.

Equipment fees and installation

Nevertheless, satellite internet itself is an expensive option in comparison to all the other types of networks. They are the only ones who are connecting the outskirts and rural life to new advancements happening in the urban areas. The equipment used to install a satellite connection is a little more costly.

There is a satellite dish included with all of HughesNet internet plans and they will not charge any extra amounts for its installation. However, you will have to either buy the Modem, in which case, you will pay $449 directly when buying their contract or you can lease it for $14 a month.

HughesNet internet features

You get consistency in speeds through all plans and deals, regardless of the cost that you bear with any of their packages.

Connect multiple devices at the same time without the need for extra lines or a router.

Their service is upgraded and updated continuously, which helps to provide secure and reliable internet services.

They also alter your video quality to save data, while providing DVD quality video streaming.

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