Honey and immunity: How you can consume honey to strengthen the immune system

Apple is not the only substance that can keep the doctor away. Yes, regular intake of pure honey can also keep diseases at bay. It is called the nectar of heaven. The reasons for this famous title could be many. From their healing prowess to their never-spoil nature, the benefits are endless.

Honey is the only naturally available substance that has no expiration date. It was so valuable that it was kept alongside the coffins of Pharaohs. So go ahead and buy raw honey online without the fear of it spoiling. Just this nature shows how pure and beneficial it can be to human bodies.

Raw organic honey has been in use as a folk remedy, and today even science has proved its efficacy. The benefits of honey are higher in raw honey as pasteurization leads to some loss of nutrients.

Honey available in stores today is generally pasteurized. It is mainly done for commercial purposes although it does not add to the quality. They do it to improve color and prevent crystallization. But along with these effects, it also destroys essential nutrients.

Suppose someone plans to buy honey for regular use. Purchasing it from reliable sellers and those that have good customer reviews is a good idea. The following are some of the many benefits of this miracle ingredient:

  1. Anti-fungal/ Anti-Bacterial and Anti-inflammatory:

Scientific studies over the years have proved the efficacy of raw honey in killing bacterial and fungal infections. These properties have benefited numerous people over the years. It is a home remedy passed down through generations.

The anti-bacterial properties increase immunity and help fight infections better. Some store-bought honey has sugar mixed in it which makes it unhealthy. To derive the full benefits of this ingredient, it has to be pure and unadulterated.

The hydrogen peroxide present in honey prevents the growth of bacteria. Since olden times it has been used to cover wounds and acts like a naturally obtained bandage, and protects open wounds from infections.


Honey is known for its nutrients, among which many are antioxidants. Some varieties have it in such abundant quantities as in fruits and vegetables. Cell-aging is one of the foremost reasons for wrinkles appearing on the face and even weak immunity.

Free radicals increase the risk of chronic diseases that attack the heart and even cause cancer. Polyphenols are a component having antioxidant quality and are beneficial to prevent heart diseases. Antioxidants work by reducing the damage caused by free radicals that accelerates aging and degeneration.


Another benefit of honey is its healing qualities. It kills germs from attacking a wound and prevents infections. It accelerates the healing of scars by encouraging tissue regeneration. Raw honey is ideal for this purpose.


Honey is full of phytonutrients. It is gifted by nature with these nutrients to shield itself from harm. It helps the plant in several ways, from keeping out the UV radiation to preventing insect attacks. This same quality benefits humans in some way. The antioxidant powers of honey are due to these phytonutrients. Raw honey is an immunity-booster preventing infections.


Stomach-related ailments are one of the problems that plague a majority of people. Honey can soothe stomach ulcers because it fights effectively against the H.pylori bacteria. It is a powerful probiotic nourishing healthy gut bacteria in the intestines. It benefits not just the intestines but the entire body system.

Gut immunity is gaining increasing attention these days as people realize it determines several other bodily functions. From pimples to bowel movements, healthy gut bacteria can keep troubles away.

RECIPE TIP: Mixing honey with warm water and regularly drinking aids weight loss and promotes a healthy digestive system.


Have trouble getting rid of a sore throat? Try having some honey. It can instantly soothe irritation and aid healing. It is a grandmother’s recipe in India that is effective in relieving the symptoms. It is effective in fighting against coughs as it comforts the throat. This reason supports its use in several cough suppressants.

RECIPE TIP: When one is bogged-down with an adamant cold, a simple recipe like hot tea with some honey and lemon can offer relief.


Honey is a miracle ingredient that helps users in countless ways. It is ignored by many as they do not know of its advantages. But once someone reaps its benefits, they cannot let it go. Buy raw honey online from reliable sources that do not use adulterated honey.

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